29 – Bill DeSimone: How To Optimise Muscle Stimulation And Create The Perfect Home Workout Routine

Bill DeSimone in 1996, High Intensity Training Expert and author of HIT Book Congruent Exercise

It’s the moment you have been waiting for … Bill DeSimone returns to Corporate Warrior, opening up a series of great podcasts for 2016. Bill DeSimone is a personal trainer and presenter known for his joint-friendly, biomechanics-based approach to fitness. He is an ACE-Certified Health Coach and Orthopaedic Exercise Specialist, with his own studio in central New Jersey.

When some of the top exercise experts in the world want to brush up on biomechanics and exercise selection, Bill is often their first port of call.

You may know him from his manuals, Moment Arm Exercise, and Congruent Exercise, and from his talks and videos. He has presented for Luke Carlson’s HIT Resurgence conferences, Anthony Johnson’s 21 Conventions, seminars for Adam Zickerman, Bo Railey, and other studios. In the fall of 2015, both a one hour roundtable discussion between Bill, Skyler Tanner, and Dr. Doug McGuff, and Bill’s full talk on Joint-Friendly Fitness were posted to YouTube courtesy of Anthony Johnson. In December 2015, Bill posted all his Moment Arm Exercise videos to his Congruent Exercise Facebook page and made Moment Arm Exercise available as a PDF. The best place to follow Bill for excerpts, links, and updates on his latest projects is the Congruent Exercise Facebook page.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to buy a PDF of the Moment Arm Exercise Manual now. Send $10 via Paypal to [email protected]. This is not affiliated. Whilst its not essential, I encourage you to buy this book and read it to understand a lot of the terminology used in this interview.

face fall 2015

This interview was epic … we cover:

  • Exercise selection based on congruent movement for maximum effectiveness and minimal risk.
  • How to exercise effectively at home and with almost nothing at all.
  • Bill’s view on the exercise industry today.
  • How to apply congruent exercise into an endurance context.
  • What Bill has changed his mind about in the last year about health and fitness.
  • And much, much more!

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Would you like to hear more from Bill DeSimone regarding fat loss and hypertrophy? Listen to this or right-click-here and click “save as” to download (apologies for the echo).

During the discussion, I ask Bill about some concerns I had when using push up handles and chin up bars. The following pics support this conversation:

IMG_3853 IMG_3855 IMG_3856

Show Notes

  • If a muscle creates more force when it contracts slowly, is this the result of orderly recruitment of muscle fibers? [5:30]
  • Can using push up handles “incorrectly” cause any problems? [10:25]
  • What is the most congruent way to exercise the hamstrings? [14:35]
  • Why did Bill exclude lower back exercises in Moment Arm Exercise? [27:00]
  • Deadlifts with barbells vs dumbbells [29:00]
  • Is it OK to perform the french press on a floor? [32:20]
  • The importance of starting an exercise where the moment arm is greatest [33:40]
  • Do single joint exercises stimulate more hypertrophy than multi join exercises? [34:40]
  • How effective are super slow body weight squats? [47:00]
  • What is a great congruent full-body workout with minimal equipment? [50:45]
  • Chin up bar concerns [54:15]
  • How do you create a workout with no equipment and only floor space and four walls? [57:20]
  • Why is “train the movement not the muscle” so prevalent in fitness coaching dogma? [1:00:45]
  • How important is load when considering optimal hypertrophy? [1:09:25]
  • How important is it for a trainee to make body weight training progressively harder? [1:11:10]
  • What health hacks does Bill use? [1:16:00]
  • What does Bill’s current diet look like? [1:28:00]
  • How does Bill apply his exercise philosophy to endurance training? [1:31:05]
  • Bill’s view on minimalist footwear [1:37:50]
  • What does Bill consider true that almost nobody agrees with him on? [1:50:25]
  • What has Bill changed his mind about in the last year? [1:54:00]
  • Why does Bill do low-intensity, long duration exercise? [1:55:30]
  • What is Bill not very good at? [1:58:00]
  • Bill’s advice to the audience [2:00:00]
  • Bill’s book recommendations [2:02:00]
  • How to get your audience to leave comments on your online properties [2:10:35]

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Comments 6

  • Great podcast from corporatewarrior and Bill DeSimone. Enlightening and very well worth a listen to this well considered man talk about optimising the body. This Disqus commenting procedure is a right pain in the ass though.

  • Bill claims that his arms are not as large or developed as they were 20 years ago and he seems to attribute that to curls and extensions . But it would seem to me that many other factors have contributed to Bill’s arms not being as large or developed as they were . The most obvious one being the fact that he sustained muscle tears in his arms . After having torn muscles in the arms the appearance and size of the arms would be affected . Bill also seems to think that one must use heavy loads in order to become well developed in terms of bodybuilding . He also says that Mentzer and Yates type muscle can only be developed in a gym with heavy weights . I’ve known plenty of people that lift heavy weights that don’t have that type of muscularity . Now of course genetics obviously come into play with regards to skeletal and muscle structure in order to display that kind of muscularity .

    But the most obvious factor that is responsible for Mentzer and Yates type muscularity is the use of growth enhancing chemicals , and yet Bill never mentions that fact . i don’t think that we really know that any particular modality of training is more effective than another in terms of size and strength development . The size principle that Ralph Carpinelli spoke about in his paper on the subject seems to indicate that load is not the primary factor in strength training but simply effort . Bill seems to have some type of disdain for HIT guys as he refers to them claiming that they spend hours on the internet trying to justify what they do .

    While there are indeed people who discuss HIT training on the net there is all kinds of talk on the net about whatever particular training people happen to engage in . If some HIT guys talk for hours as he suggests then so be it . But i wonder how Bill is aware of what these HIT guys are up to on the net in the first place , or why he would care . I also don’t think it’s right to also paint all ” HIT ” guys with that brush either . they’re plenty of HIT guys that are self assured in their training and have no need to justify anything to anyone .

  • I’m very surprised that Bill would recommend squatting on a bosu ball if i heard that correctly . That advice seems to blatantly contradict congruent exercise principles because of the safety factor in doing so .

  • This was a great interview full of value.

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