223 – Bill DeSimone – How To Make Your Weight Training Joint-Friendly

Bill DeSimone (Photo from HITuni.com)
Bill DeSimone (Photo from HITuni.com)

Bill DeSimone (Congruent Exercise) is a personal trainer known for his sensible, biomechanics-based approach to strength training and is the go-to biomechanics expert for some of the best high-intensity trainers in the world like Dr. Doug McGuff and Skyler Tanner. 

Starting as a trainer in 1983 in New York City, in 2006 he opened his own studio, Optimal Exercise, in central New Jersey. He is the author of Congruent Exercise: How to Make Weight Training Easier on Your Joints (Kindle version); and the upcoming Joint-Friendly Fitness: Your Guide to the Optimal Exercise Program. He has presented at national conferences, provided in-services for private studios, and consults online or by phone with individual exercisers.

In this episode, Bill shares updates about his shoulder injury, how to do joint-friendly weight training, how to exercise without hurting your shoulders and back, recommended machines for weight training, and much more.

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Enjoy the show!

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In this video, Bill demonstrates how to do chin ups safely and protect your body:

Show Notes

  • 0:18 – Introduction to Bill DeSimone
  • 1:27 – Updates on Bill’s shoulder injury
  • 6:09 – Bill’s exercise science internship program 
  • 19:37 – How to develop good interpersonal skills as a trainer? 
  • 23:10 – What causes shoulder impingement and other shoulder problems? 
  • 32:39 – How to execute chin ups? 
  • 47:54 – How a person’s glenoid cavity affects the risk of having shoulder injuries?
  • 50:29 – What is the correlation between the crunch and chin ups
  • 55:35 – Starting position and repetitions for a chin up
  • 1:02:09 – Bill’s recommended machines for leg press
  • 1:11:07 – What features to look for an ideal leg press machine?
  • 1:14:25 – Proper feet placement and execution on a leg press
  • 1:21:11 – The evolution of training congruent to safety
  • 1:26:10 – How to maintain good body composition?
  • 1:33:22 – How to execute plank rows?
  • 1:39:53 – Is the plank row a sufficient lower back exercise?
  • 1:41:32 – Bill’s recommended exercise for lower back strength
  • 1:48:41 – What are the dangers of hyperextension? 
  • 1:52:23 – Is the side bend a good lower back exercise?
  • 1:58:24 – Find out more about Bill DeSimone 
  • 2:01:25 – Overview of The Joint-Friendly Fitness Project
  • 2:08:21 – Bill’s functional training course at HITuni

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  • This was a great interview and I always like hearing Bill’s thoughts.

    Question for Bill: In terms of joint health, are there any benefits to performing overhead presses? Will overhead presses accomplish anything that I couldn’t get by performing chins, pushups and lateral raises?

  • I too experienced a shoulder injury way back. Any more tips or information how I can quickly recover?

  • Just finished listening to this this last night. Bill’s attention to detail is awesome. He has probably saved me so much wear so much wear and and see the disconnect with “fitness” and biomechanics. I enjoyed the discussion as well. Lawrence, kudos for asking lots of questions with Bil and the your interviewees. This stuff is great!

    • Lawrence I apologize for the incoherence of the my intial comment here. What I meant to say is that Bill has probably saved me a great deal of wear and tear. He also brought to my attention the disconnect with a lot of “fitness” and biomechanics. I enjoyed the conversation about nutrition. Kudos to you Lawrence for asking a lot of questions here and you with you other interviewees. Great stuff! Looking forward to reading Joint Friendly Exercise!

      • No worries Donnie. Thank you for the kind feedback. I’m really pleased that you find this content with Bill DeSimone useful. It’s such a privilege to be able to have, what feels like, a personal consultation with a top biomechanics expert and have it be tremendously useful to my listeners.

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