183 – Bill Crawford – How To Build A Successful Single-Location High Intensity Training Business

Bill Crawford
“If you could take all of the benefits of weight resistance exercise and put them in a pill, you would have the wonder drug of the millennium.” ~ Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford (email – iamfitness [@] aol.com) has been a leader and visionary in fitness since 1977, and is the owner of Basic Training, a well revered high intensity strength training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bill was trained for musculoskeletal evaluation and rehabilitation at the Exercise Science Center, University of Florida in Gainesville, and was personally trained by the late Arthur Jones, inventor of Nautilus and MedX.

Over the past 42 years, Bill has provided fitness training for thousands, exercising muscles in isolation to muscle failure with equalized resistance through the full range of motion using a safe and effective protocol.

This podcast is rich with information on MedX and high intensity strength training methods, how to build a successful single-location HIT business, how to perfect pricing and packaging, sales and marketing tactics, and much, much more.

When it comes to building a successful small fitness business that is both highly profitable and fun to own, Bill and Debbie Crawford have really cracked the code. I am excited to share their wisdom with you in this episode so that you may do the same!

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