287 – Dr. Ben Bocchicchio – How to Deliver Virtual Personal Training to Seniors

Dr. Ben Bocchicchio
Dr. Ben Bocchicchio

Dr Ben Bocchicchio (drbenbo @ hotmail.com) has been an innovator and leader in the fields of fitness, exercise, and health since the 1970s. He founded Sports Conditioning in Staten Island and developed programs for weight reduction, cosmetic enhancement, general fitness, and health and rehabilitation. Dr Ben owned and supervised a number of private fitness and health centers from the early 1970s. He also developed and owned spine and cardio vascular rehabilitation centers, where he used his S.Ma.R.T.-EX™ program.

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This week, Dr. Ben talks about virtual personal training for clients who are deconditioned, overweight, or seniors, advantages of resistance bands, how to use bands efficiently in your virtual workout sessions, and much more. 

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Show Notes

  • 1:43 – Getting into virtual training and resistance bands 
  • 7:37 – Advantages of resistance bands to exercise
  • 14:57 – Muscle strength and longevity
  • 21:14 – Virtual personal training for seniors 
  • 30:32 – Low-carb and high-protein diet
  • 34:31 – Is wall sit a sufficient lower body workout?
  • 44:47 – Band rows for clients with discomfort/injury
  • 49:49 – Bicep curls with resistance bands
  • 53:51 – Split stance vs. shoulder-width square stance 
  • 55:15 – Tactics to get the most out of a workout
  • 58:17 – Selecting the appropriate bands for clients

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