281 – Steve Wetzel – How to be a Top Personal Trainer

Steve Wetzel on how to be a top personal trainer
Steve Wetzel

Steve Wetzel (steve_wetzel @ villasport.com) is a former NFL strength and conditioning coach for 17 seasons working for the Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals, and since become a very successful personal trainer teaching the principle of HIT to athletes and the general population. 

He is a fitness advisor at VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa in Texas, and has been the top fitness producer for all locations from 2013-2019. With 35 years of experience, Steve’s unique approach combined with advanced training methods emphasizes injury prevention and results in the improvement of strength levels and body composition. 

In this episode, Steve Wetzel tackles personal training fundamentals, how to thrive as a sports coach and a personal trainer, tactics to train clients better, contraindications and solutions, importance of data tracking, and much more.  

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Show Notes

  • 5:37 – How to train better, retain clients, and be a top fitness producer
  • 16:09 – Skills to thrive as a sports coach and a personal trainer
  • 19:00 – Meeting Luke Carlson and Dan Riley
  • 27:11 – Steve’s workout routine 
  • 31:24 – Athletic strength training and conditioning 
  • 43:23 – How to be a great personal trainer  
  • 57:22 – Identifying contraindications and finding workarounds 
  • 1:04:41 – NFL coaching, thoughts on starting a HIT business 
  • 1:16:07 – Memories of meeting Arthur Jones
  • 1:17:28 – The future of HIT, exercise, and fitness education  
  • 1:28:55 – Fitness tools/apps for data tracking

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  • To bad you couldn’t get him outline at least one sample 19 exercise routine. Would love to see some specifics on that.

    Regarding S&C coaching salaries:

    As of March, 2020, the highest paid S&C coach in college football was Micky Marotti at Ohio State University. He was contracted to make $800,000 for the upcoming season. Yup, almost One Million dollars for a season…


    Now you need to understand that his high salary has very little to do with the strength training skills that he brings to the table. Rather, it has to do with NCAA rules for the amount of contact time that coaches are allowed to have with players. The NCAA (apparantly) wants to protect the time of student athletes, by limiting the amount of distraction that coaches can created. The coaching position which is allowed the most contact time with athletes is the S&C coach. So coaching staffs see the S&C coach as the best person to build relationships with the athletes, and create a “winning” culture. That is why they make so much.


    • Interesting! Thanks Greg. Hahah yes I agree about the exercise routine question. I should have pried deeper to get the details! A close colleague of mine mentioned how lots of HIT practitioners are too secret about routines when in reality there isn’t really much to it! So why not share the specifics?

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