280 – Luke Carlson – How to Build a Six-Figure HIT Studio “Lifestyle” Business

Luke Carlson
Luke Carlson

Luke Carlson (luke @ discoverstrength.com) is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength, a fast growing personal training business based in Minneapolis and four other personal training facilities in Minnesota. Discover Strength offers a variety of strength training sessions, including virtual personal training, facilitated by educated and expert trainers.

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In today’s episode, Luke Carlson shares tactics, principles, and mindset on how to generate a six figure income with a lifestyle business. We also cover topics on marketing, tax management, delegation, systems and processes, and much more.

Build your dream lifestyle HIT business



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Show Notes

  • 4:07 – What is a lifestyle business?
  • 6:25 – The growth trap/dilemma
  • 14:06 – How to build a lifestyle business
  • 21:40 – Essentialist approach to overwhelm
  • 26:02 – Paid marketing vs. Remarkable service/product
  • 31:27 – Discover Strength’s unique workout
  • 40:17 – Customer feedback, Operational decisions
  • 43:11 – The value of creating systems and processes
  • 50:33 – Hands off approach to building a lifestyle business
  • 55:52 – Tax management tactics

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