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Jeff Tomaszewski - maxstrengthfitness.com
Jeff Tomaszewski

Jeff Tomaszewski (jeff @ maxstrengthfitness.com) is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, minor in Sports Medicine, and a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. He is a NATA certified Athletic Trainer and NCSA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 

Jeff formed MaxStrength Fitness in May of 2007 in Westlake, Ohio, which became Cleveland’s leading personal training facility. A decade after, he opened a second facility in Willoughby, Ohio, helping as many people as possible live a high quality of life into their golden years. 

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This week, Jeff and I talk about marketing strategies related to reopening, customer referral marketing, general marketing strategies and best practices, how to attract ideal clients, understanding client needs, and much more.   

Get more clients to come back in when you reopen



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Show Notes

  • 1:49 – Business shifts to cope up with COVID-19 
  • 9:47 – Ways to reduce customer churn during the shutdown
  • 16:27 – Is sharing too much content bad for your business?      
  • 19:39 – How to lead a team through transition
  • 23:19 – Jeff’s REC 2019 experience 
  • 28:19 – How to attract your ideal client 
  • 36:44 – Marketing framework, core values, pricing models
  • 41:31 – Referral, print, and email marketing ideas
  • 56:44 – Effective ways to increase referrals
  • 58:46 – Most productive marketing tactics
  • 1:02:22 – Reopening marketing plans, print campaign tips
  • 1:10:21 – Understanding client needs, customer survey template
  • 1:20:47 – Common HIT business marketing mistakes   
  • 1:25:04 – Other reopening strategies
  • 1:31:02 – Family time and productivity tips

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