263 – Gary Griffiths – How to Generate More Revenue Now and When You Reopen

Gary Griffiths - Founder of Gym Engine
Gary Griffiths – Founder of Gym Engine

Gary Griffiths (gary @ getsocialengine.com) is the founder of Gym Engine, a company based in Sydney, Australia. Gym Engine’s membership acquisition program helps gym owners profitably add 20-30+ members every month without Facebook Ads. Currently, Gym Engine has 927 fitness facilities grown and more than 1,880,000 leads nurtured. 

In this episode, Gary Griffiths breaks down the ARRC strategy for membership growth, different methods to generate revenue during the lockdown, how to get through the crisis and succeed as a gym owner, and much more. 

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Show Notes

  • 3:18 – Ways to generate revenue during COVID-19 lockdown
  • 11:37 – Mindset tips to get through COVID-19 crisis
  • 14:42 – What is the ARRC strategy? 
  • 16:31 – ACQUISITION: How to acquire new gym members
  • 29:36 – RETENTION: How to increase member retention
  • 34:04 – REACTIVATION: How to reach out old members
  • 39:11 – CROSS-SELLING: How to multiply gym sales
  • 43:36 – Automation, messaging and video tools
  • 50:18 – Special offer for HIT business owners

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  • As a business outsider I think the advice was solid, yet certainly nothing new. We did, besides the sms bobarding. these things 10 years ago in a big box gym. Anyway, as I sad many times before,I’m honestly glad to not oprerate a gym because of my personality I guess. Look, I really honestly think that people are fucked up if they need someone to ask them with some form of offer to come to their gym (or come back) to do something for THEIR FUCKING OWN HEALTH. I just can’t deal with these people.. Jesus, are people really that weak minded (in this workout context). I have Always started soemthing because I wanted it, never waited for some offer etc. If I wanted it I looked around for a place to workout and became a member if I could afford the price. And so did we all in the good old days.
    People paying 500 + Euro’s or dollars a month? For what? I understand that there is a market for everything. But really to workout? That overprice goes into something else besides the actual workouts IMO. And that might justify the extra cost, but are people that can afford this really waiting for a offer?
    Yes, I know that the HIT business has become a market for the highend “experience “. but in the end the body doesn’t care.
    As I said before I’m a bad business person and refuse to “become “a better one, but I do love the activity of hard workouts, and like the no nonsense people that have the same heart for this.
    So don’t take this a s a negative respons to the interview because it isn’t. But I wanted to share my thoughts here about a general observation, not comment on the business runned by the hard working owners.. Don’t take it personal, but it is personal to me.

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