260 – Ratna Singh – How to Make $500 USD Per Sale as a CAROL Bike Affiliate

Ratna Singh, CEO at CAR.O.L, provider of the CAROL bike
Ratna Singh, CEO at CAR.O.L, provider of the CAROL bike

Ratna Singh (ratna.singh @ carolfitai.com) is the co-founder and CEO of CAR.O.L. The CAROL Bike is based on advanced AI technology to provide a very efficient and effective HIIT workout. Ratna is a serial entrepreneur, with two companies sold at successful exit. One company was in the nutrition space, while the other in health care consulting. On top of this, having studied molecular biology at King’s College London, Ratna is no stranger to the science of exercise and human health.

Her latest venture, CAR.O.L, stems from her time working with her co-founders out of McKinsey & Company, where she was Silicon Valley’s first Entrepreneur in Residence. Today, she is taking on the world’s 4th deadliest disease – inactivity – with revolutionary technology that so many of us have come to love already.

In this episode, Ratna Singh describes how you can generate additional studio revenue during the shut down by becoming a CAROL bike affiliate. Moreover, we discuss how the CAROL bike can complement your HIT business over the long term, how it improves multiple health markers, and much more.  

CAR.O.L are offering $500 commission (double the normal rate!) for every bike sold during the coronavirus crisis – Register Your Business Here

Interested in adding a CAROL bike to your studio in the future? Check out these podcasts to learn more about how it can benefit your business:


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Show Notes

  • 4:54 – CAROL bike and its health benefits
  • 10:59 – Cardio Fitness: CAROL vs. HIT
  • 15:20 – Reviews from users/studio owners
  • 22:05 – CAROL bike business opportunities
  • 32:22 – CAROL bike vs. Peloton®
  • 38:49 – How CAR.O.L’s AI optimizes resistance 
  • 44:46 – Promotions, customer support, marketing tips

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  • Hi Lawrence, how did you get on with the online coaching routine from Gary Knight?

    • Hey Stephen, I did it for a few weeks, but I had a shoulder injury from basketball, which plagued me for over a year. Also, life started getting real busy with business and newborn, and so 3 times a week didn’t really make sense for me. After this lockdown I might start experimenting with new routines and reporting the outcomes here. Sorry I wasn’t able to stick to this one and report back!

  • This is very cool exercise equipment. It is a neat use of technology to be able to self-administer a Wingate test. That said, I personally am not inclined to spend that much money just to be able to regularly perform a Wingate cycling test.

    Despite what I’ve read (Gibala’s work, and others) I am not convinced that doing ReHIT three times a week is all the endurance exercise (or physical activity) one needs to be healthy. Demonstrating that you can improve a couple of physiological markers in a time efficient manner is certainly interesting; demonstrating that such a low volume of exercise is sufficient to produce lifelong metabolic health, or that it gives you license to otherwise be a couch potato (i.e., watch as much TV as you like) is another matter. (I thought sitting was the new smoking!)

    With regard to the use of the bike for other training modes, I think I heard that the software features which support more conventional training modes were not unlocked in the consumer version. Is that true? And for those who might wish to use the bike for longer, submaximal training rides, what is the Q-Factor (pedal separation) for this bike?

    • Thanks Greg. I tend to agree, and would obviously add strength training for a full body stimulus, and deeper fatigue in all leg musculature. However, it’s a huge leap in the right direction for many people. I think it’s easy for us/the HIT community to get stuck in our echo chamber. Every now and again, I have a conversation with my friends, and I’m reminded that they have absolutely no idea about what we do and talk about, and are quite happy to continue with Yoga, Pilates, etc. So just getting these guys pointing in the right direction is progress.

      I will ask the team at CAROL to answer your last point.

  • Riding CAR.O.L 3x/week is shown to have significant benefit on cardiometabolic health. Therefore they do not have to spend additional time exercising to get the benefits, if they don’t want to. That’s the beauty of the CAR.O.L and the 30+ years of research that’s gone into the science behind it. People wishing to train for endurance or to build muscle should adopt appropriate training regimens, which CAR.O.L can (and does in many cases) supplement!

    There are other ride modes including the Fat Burn (30 sprints, 8 seconds on, 12 seconds off, back to back) and the Free Ride mode, which essentially turns the bike into a “regular” exercise bike.

    The Q factor is 185mm

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