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Wendy starts her workout with Chins.

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Wendy McGuff trained at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio to become a registered dental hygienist. She worked in the field of dental hygiene full and part-time. After moving to Seneca, South Carolina, Wendy attended Clemson University and received a Bachelor of Arts majoring in history. She worked for a local historic foundation until her kids came along. After she had her children, Wendy continued to work part-time in dental hygiene. Most recently, she has been a full-time home maker and support staff to two teenage children and of course, to Doug.

Doug and Wendy met shortly after I Wendy turned 17 and have enjoyed a shared interest in physical fitness, health, and longevity. Many of their first dates consisted of playing tennis and lifting weights at Olympic Gym in San Antonio (Surprise, surprise!). At the time that they met, Wendy was a life guard and water safety instructor. Her love of physical activity has been life long.

Wendy McGuff is an inspiration. I’m very excited to bring you this experimental episode! This episode was co-hosted with my girlfriend, Aisling Clifford. Ash joins me to not only charm you all with her delightful Irish accent, but to ask Wendy pertinent questions from a female point-of-view about all things strength training, diet, pregnancy, relationships, mansplaining, etc.

You can reach Aisling at: aislingc86[at]gmail[dot]com and Ash Cooks Slow Carb

At 53-years-old, Wendy is in excellent physical condition! Check out her exercise videos on Instagram:

In this episode we cover:

  • Wendy’s exercise regime:
    • Protocol
    • Frequency
    • Exercise selection
    • Extra activity
  • Wendy’s diet:
    • How it’s changed over the years
    • How she manages junk food
    • A typical day
  • Women and weight lifting myths
  • Strength training and pregnancy
  • How to deal with mansplaining
  • How to cultivate a long-lasting relationship
  • And much more!

Listen below:

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Interested in learning from one of the smartest minds in exercise, Dr Doug McGuff? – Listen to Part 1 below (and click for Part 2 and Part 3). In Part 1: Doug explains HIT, his involvement in The 4-Hour Body, how to win obstacle races, and much, much more (stream below or right-click here to download):

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: Ladies! What is your favourite exercise? Please let me know in the comments.

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