Tony Jeffries – World-class Athlete, Undefeated Professional Boxer, Olympian, Entrepreneur, and Trainer to the Stars

Tony Jeffries
Tony Jeffries

Sunderland, England’s own Tony Jeffries is a “world-class athlete-turned-businessman.” An extremely successful and motivated man, he has been actively training in gyms since the age of 10. He was a professional boxer, going undefeated at the highest levels of his sport. He is an Olympic Bronze Medalist, a seven-time National Champion of England, and much more! After an injury ended his professional career, he chose not to give up on his passion, but decided to channel it differently. He took his skills and ambition and started a new journey in LA, where he is exploring his new career as an entrepreneur.

He is now the co-owner of two extremely successful Boxing gyms named Box ‘N Burn, that have been given the title as “California’s #1 Boxing and Fitness Gym.” He also runs the Box ‘N Burn Academy, which is the world’s leading boxing fitness and certification course, which provides an elite trainer certification course designed to educate personal trainers. Tony aspires to expand and open more gyms and continue to grow as the #1 Boxing fitness and certification course in the world. He is a force of nature to be reckoned with and has no plans of stopping until this happens. His favorite quote to live by is, “One year from now, you will wish you started today…”

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Tony’s transition from pro boxer to entrepreneur
  • How to train effectively for boxing (even when you’re injured)
  • What it takes to be successful in business
  • How to network and develop relationships effectively
  • What it was like to train with Conor McGregor and Thor himself (AKA Chris Hemsworth), and more!

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Show Notes

  • Tony Jeffries tells his story [6:37]
  • What was the key to Tony’s success in business? [11:14]
  • How did Tony ‘s business rise above the competition? [12:52]
  • Tony talks about his training academy for boxing trainers [14:27]
  • Do people join Tony’s program because it’s good or because he’s famous? [17:31]
  • Are there any stats or metrics that Tony obsesses over (and how does it affect him)? [18:55]
  • Lawrence and Tony talk about when hard work becomes overwork [22:43]
  • How meditation can help you “switch off” and become more productive [24:50]
  • Does Tony have any advice for heavy bag training if you’ve had hand injuries? [27:42]
  • Does the Pareto Principle apply in boxing? What should new boxers focus on in training?  [28:42]
  • What does a professional boxer’s diet look like? [34:15]
  • Can you do boxing training and high-intensity training at the same time? [41:10]
  • Tony talks about the ever-interesting Connor McGregor, boxing versus MMA, and Floyd Mayweather [44:27]
  • Lawrence and Tony talk about boxing, the MMA, and head injuries [46:26]
  • How did Chris Hemsworth end up training at Tony’s gym? [53:25]
  • The one thing all successful people in every industry have in common [55:23]
  • Tony and Lawrence talk about networking and building relationships [57:23]
  • What are Tony’s nutritional and training regimens like? [1:03:00]
  • Does Tony miss Sunderland? [1:08:30]
  • What advice does Tony have for dealing with failure, sadness, and negativity? [1:09:58]
  • Has Tony changed his mind about anything in the past year? [1:13:43]
  • Tony talks about success and the importance of setting goals [1:14:49]
  • Tony on managing people and different personalities [1:17:01]
  • What’s the best piece of advice Tony’s ever been given? [1:18:57]
  • Lawrence’s theory regarding Tony’s success [1:20:18]
  • What’s the best investment of time, energy, or money that Tony’s ever made? [1:21:13]
  • How does Tony manage his investments and assets? [1:25:45]
  • Lawrence and Tony talk about passive income, outsourcing, and being focused [1:27:25]

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