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Tom Church and Latest Deals
Tom Church and the crew at Latest Deals are excellent deal hunters! I always message these guys before I make any significant purchase.

Tom Church (@tomchurch) kindly joins me for a round 2! Listen to Part 1 here. Tom is one of the most interesting polymaths I know. Check out some of the notches on Tom’s belt so far:

  • Co-founder, Latest Deals (63,000 registered and active members, 62,000 Facebook Fans, 250,000 unique users per month, 50,000 daily newsletter subscribers, 200+ pieces of national press coverage, nominated Best Startup 2017 in TechSpark Awards)
  • Author of #1 Amazon best seller Money’s Big Secret
  • Published #1 Amazon best seller How To Live For Free
  • Co-founded creative design group FullScream UK
  • Worked as a bespoke suit tailor with Mullen & Mullen
  • Is known in the media as Britain’s Sexiest Man
  • Published 101 Quotes from Great British Women
  • Founder, TomChurch.co.uk (blog)
  • Had a short but intense career in PR that proved very valuable later on
  • Founded London Startups, a networking organisation that grew to become one of London’s biggest (2,400+ members)
  • Launched a couple of successful Kickstarter campaigns (£150,000+ funding raised)

I’m scratching the surface and he’s only 26. Tom is a mega productive dude. One of his most hilarious projects is when he hacked Google to become the Sexiest Man in Britain, which went viral across mainstream media. Soon after, Tom was bombarded with business opportunities. Where most would leap at the offer, Tom politely declined saying that it was “just a bit of fun…”

In the past year, Tom has been working hard alongside his co-founders to grow LatestDeals.co.ukLatest Deals is one of the UK’s largest deal hunting communities. People share the hottest deals, voucher codes, coupons, freebies and competitions with each other. What makes Latest Deals different is that members get points and Amazon vouchers in return for their help. You get rewards for your contributions.

The Latest Deals team are a force to be reckoned with. It is remarkable what they have achieved in such a short space of time (see stats above). Want a great deal? Watch the video below, where Tom demonstrates how flying by plane is twice as cheap as a UK train ticket:

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Latest Deals came in to being
  • How to grow a start-up effectively with zero budget
  • How Facebook Groups can transform your business
  • Goal setting and how to work effectively towards goals
  • How to find amazing deals
  • How to use checklists for optimal productivity
  • And much more

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Interested in more from Tom Church? – Listen to Part 1. Tom explains exactly how he hacked Google to become Britain’s Sexiest Man, how to leverage PR to grow your business, how to fast-track learning, and much more (stream below or right-click here to download):

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