53 – Ted Harrison on How to Train Your Abdominals, How to Build Positive, Life-Changing Habits, The Best Approach To Hypertrophy and Building Muscle Mass, and Training with the Iron Guru Vince Gironda

Ted Harrison and his son flexing
Ted Harrison and his son flexing

Ted Harrison is a UK-based, pioneering high-intensity training guru and the owner of Vital Exercise, a private exercise studio specialising in strength and conditioning. Having spent more than three decades supervising thousands of workouts and having helped people of all ages achieve personal bests in health and fitness, Ted’s evidence-based philosophy and approach to training has helped many feel good, grow stronger, and look great – all for just under 20 minutes a week!

This is Ted’s second time coming on the podcast; you can check out his first appearance by clicking here.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How to build positive, life-changing habits
  • The sometimes destructive nature of social media discourse on health and fitness
  • Ted’s experience training with legendary bodybuilder Vince the “Iron Guru” Gironda
  • Ted’s approach to hypertrophy and building muscle mass – and why he thinks it’s one of the best

How to properly train your abdominal muscles, Ted’s takes on diet, nutrition, meditation, and more!

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Show Notes

  • Ted Harrison, in his own words [4:58]
  • Ted talks about the time he started his fitness business and how his friends and family reacted [9:19]
  • What’s new, what’s changed, and what’s Ted been up to since his last time on the podcast? [11:48]
  • How can you help someone enjoy training and working out? [17:11]
  • Ted and I talk about motivation and the spiritual aspects of training [20:07]
  • What was it like training with Vince Gironda? [23:04]
  • Is there anything that frustrates Ted when it comes to training and fitness on social media? [30:03]
  • Has Ted found or read anything really interesting or useful lately regarding training? [36:15]
  • Have there been any changes in how Ted approaches training? [41:04]
  • Ted and I talk about recovery periods, training volume, protein intake, and the muscle gain “lottery” [45:39]
  • Has Ted had clients who didn’t see progress using his approach to training? [49:31]
  • Ted and I talk about bodyweight training [53:23]
  • Ted talks about his take on how to do crunches effectively (and doing a modified plank) [55:51]
  • Does doing chin-ups reduce the need for doing more ab-focused exercises? [1:00:30]
  • Has anyone plagiarised Ted’s approach to training, and how does he feel about it? [1:02:10]
  • Have Ted’s views on diet changed, and what does his average day look like, nutrition-wise? [1:03:39]
  • Should you consume a surplus amount of calories if you’re looking to maximise muscle gain (and how much protein is enough protein)? [1:12:55]
  • I ask Ted for tips on how to not drink too much alcohol… particularly when there’s a lot of it around me [1:13:55]
  • Ted talks about meditation [1:19:56]
  • Has Ted changed his mind on anything about health and fitness recently? [1:24:16]
  • What books on health and fitness would Ted recommend to people? [1:26:24]
  • What’s the best investment of time, energy, or money has Ted ever made? [1:28:08]
  • Has Ted made any changes in his habits, his behaviour, or his life in general that he can say he is proud of? [1:31:39]
  • What advice does Ted have for anyone looking to build muscle mass and minimise fat gain optimally? [1:36:47]

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  • Another great podcast Lawrence!
    Two questions :does Ted do any hamstring work and did he meet Larry Scott or Makkaway whist in USA?:-)

    • Hi Ed
      Thanks for your question.
      The only hamstring work I do is the Nautilus Low back machine and the hip thrust movement.
      In the past I have done stiff leg deadlifts and plenty of leg curls, but I find the low back machine and the hip thrust all I need now…..particularly as I no longer compete in body building.
      In regards to you other question; Sadly I never met Larry Scott or Mohammed Makkaway at Vince’s gym, although I did see Makkaway compete in the 1977 Mr Universe. He was terrific.

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