59 – Part 1: How A 50-Year-Old Is Using A Zero-Carb Diet To Break Two World Records On The Same Day

Shawn Baker Deadlifting
Shawn can slam dunk and deadlift over 500lbs for repetitions at 50 years old.

Shawn Baker MD (@SBakerMD) is a board certified orthopedic surgeon, multi-sport world record holding Masters 50+ Athlete, and Zero-Carber (he just eats red meat, and a little seafood and cheese). Shawn’s background is fascinating. He played Semi-Professional Rugby in New Zealand, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Airforce operating as a Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch Officer (Nukes!), and went on to become a surgeon operating in war zones in the middle east. He now practices surgery in New Mexico, US.

Throughout Shawn’s varied career, he’s retained a passion for competing in strong man events. His titles include:

  • Natural Association Of Strength Athletes Deadlift American Record 772lbs
  • World Association of Bench Press and Deadlift Submasters World record (Deadlift 738lbs)
  • USA powerlifting 40+ Master American record Deadlift 711lbs)
  • NASS Texas Strongest Man 300lb class winner
  • NASS- Strongman national championships 300lb class 5th
  • Highland Games Masters US invitational championships 1st place
  • Highland Games Masters World Champion
  • Highland Games Masters World record “Sheaf” toss
  • USA track and field all American standard-Discus, weight and super-weight throws
  • 50+ world record concept 2 indoor rower for 500m, 1min, 100m row


Zero Carb Diet
Shawn celebrates turning 50 with a ribeye steak and bacon.


In this episode, we cover:

  • Shawn’s experience working as a Nuclear Weapons Launch Officer.
  • Shawn’s resistance training and skill training regimen and why he uses lots of plyometrics and other unorthodox approaches in his workouts.
  • His thoughts on HIT.
  • We talk about his Zero-Carb diet, what he eats, when, how much, etc.
  • How his diet has affected his health and exercise recovery.
  • The downsides to eating Zero-Carb.
  • His thoughts on eating on the road and in social situations.
  • And much more.

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Show Notes

  • A day in the life of a Nuclear Weapons Launch Officer [06:25]
  • Shawn’s approach to physical conditioning and skill training [11:20]
  • Does Shawn plan to compete in sports at a high level when he’s 80? [18:03]
  • Shawn’s current training regimen [21:21]
  • How Shawn uses intuition and goals to structure his workouts [25:40]
  • An introduction to Shawn’s zero-carb (ZC) diet [27:30]
  • How Zero-Carb has affected Shawn’s workout recovery [30:52]
  • What motivates Shawn to constantly chase down new goals? [34:13]
  • How Shawn has fine tuned his Zero-Carb Diet [35:30]
  • How Zero-Carb can organically foster a fasting habit [40:52]
  • Do eggs play a part in Shawn’s diet? [45:10]
  • How does Shawn season his red meat meals? [46:43]
  • Is there any downside to the Zero-Carb diet? [48:40]
  • When is the last time Shawn ate junk food? [52:45]
  • Shawn’s upcoming book [54:50]
  • Shawn’s final piece of advice [57:50]

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Comments 5

  • Hi Lawrence you moved here to Ireland? where are you based? btw very interesting episode!

  • Lawrence, why don’t you ask Shawn Baker why he lost his medical licence – and cross-examine him on his answers? There are also claims his blood markers are appalling – he’s pre-diabetic, Vitamin D-deficient, has low testosterone etc. Another obvious area to probe … but you dodged it. You come across as a giddy fanboi.

    • Thanks for your feedback Roger. I have watched Shawn talk about his career challenges in length on his YouTube channel in a 2 part series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA7OnnjLGcs. Furthermore, he addressed it on Rogan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj_Bc9hdHa0&t=576s), and it’s just another example of how the medical industry is often focused on profit over efficacy.

      I don’t think you can say that his blood markers are appalling. I think it’s complex and there is a lot we don’t understand. Shawn had submitted and reviewed his blood test with Robb Wolf after he’d recorded the podcast with me so I didn’t that knowledge to probe, otherwise I definitely would have, and I’m sure it would have been a very fun conversation.

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