186 – Scott Myslinski – A High Intensity Training Critique and Carnivore Diet Q&A

Scott Myslinski
Scott Myslinski

Scott Myslinski is the host of the Carnivore Cast Podcast, which dives deep into the carnivore diet and lifestyle by interviewing doctors, researchers, and long term carnivores who’ve overcome a variety of diseases and conditions. Scott has been a carnivore for over two years and, with the addition of resistance training, has improved his body composition, energy, and cognitive performance.

In this episode, Scott and I dig into a lot of topics in relation to hypertrophy training and the carnivore diet including:

  • Why Scott believes that his new program has been more effective than high intensity training for muscle gain
  • How to handle cravings and get through an adaptation period during a carnivore diet
  • The pros and cons of the carnivore diet, including handling social challenges
  • Scott’s typical day of eating
  • … and much, much more

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