58 – How To Start And Grow Your Podcast To Over 30,000 Downloads Per Month

Explore the medium that works for you and commit to 6 podcast episodes, blogs, videos, etc. You never know how many ripples you might create 😀 Photo by instagram.com/mitchell_hollander

Every now and again, I get asked “how do you get guests?”, “how do you find the time to do a podcast alongside a job?”, “how do you monetise it”, etc. Podcasting is becoming more and more popular. Lots of brands, public figures and companies are exploring podcasting as a method to grow their audience and business. When a friend said he was considering starting a podcast, it occurred to me that I could create a really useful resource for new starters.

In this inbetweenisode, I divulge all. I tell you exactly how I grew my podcast to 31,514 downloads per month (as of May 2017).

In this episode, I cover:

  • Why you need to think about the why
  • How to get started in terms of niche, publishing frequency and equipment.
  • Marketing strategies
  • Monetisation
  • Systems and outsourcing
  • and much more

At 10:15 I don’t mean to equate Niche to Unique Selling Point (USP). What I mean is that your Niche market that you target with your content could be you; a guaranteed market of one. By creating content in a way, a format, and topic that you love, you will appeal to likeminded versions of you and that becomes your USP. You’ll be scratching your own itch.

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Show Notes

  • Introduction on how to start and grow a podcast [04:00]
  • What is your ‘why’? [06:00]
  • Select the right medium for you [08:50]
  • How scratching your own itch will become your “USP” [10:15]
  • Why you should commit to 6 episodes [14:55]
  • Rig the game so you get a weekly win [15:35]
  • Why it’s important to release multiple episodes when you launch [16:45]
  • Keep setup, software and equipment simple [17:20]
  • How to attract great guests [22:30]
  • How to market your podcast [27:49]
  • Should you start a podcast if you want to start a business? [34:28]
  • The importance of systems and checklists [37:00]
  • Useful tools [40:20]
  • Closing thoughts [42:24]

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