228 – Patty Durell – How to Improve and Prevent Common Shoulder Injuries

Patty Durell
Patty Durell

Patty Durell, along with her husband, Dave Durell, own and operate Rock Solid Fitness, a one-on-one personal training studio in Dunedin, Florida. Their unique high-intensity training philosophy has helped thousands of clients increase strength, lose fat, improve conditioning and rehabilitate injuries. 

Patty has been helping people achieve their fitness goals for over 25 years. She is a Master Level Personal Trainer, Certified Conditioning Specialist, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, and has specialized training in nutrition and physical rehabilitation. Patty practices what she preaches and has lost over 40 pounds, and kept it off, through proper exercise and nutrition. Patty has been a popular speaker to fitness and medical professionals, corporations, college and high school students and many support groups.

Listen to my previous episode with Patty and Dave Durell HERE, where we talk about overcoming failure, hiring and on-boarding. 

In this episode, Patty shares the DO’s and DON’Ts in shoulder exercises, how to reduce shoulder injury risk, different shoulder exercises for rehabilitation, and much more. 

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Show Notes

  • 3:06 – The shoulder joint anatomy
  • 4:29 – DO’s and DON’Ts in shoulder exercises
  • 13:28 – Exercises for people with shoulder injuries
  • 19:28 – External rotation exercises
  • 25:41 – Distinguishing pain vs. discomfort
  • 29:01 – Horizontal abduction and shoulder rehab exercises 
  • 35:46 – Patty’s advice for shoulder shrugs
  • 39:26 – Other important shoulder facts
  • 42:30 – Rock Solid Fitness workout protocol and client experience

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Comments 3

  • Any views on dips in regard to shoulder health?

  • Very good talk with plenty of useful info. As a fitness swimmer (who also loves to swim with paddles for that HIT feel LOL) I was wondering what the takeaway here is as all the different strokes require the elbows to fully extend over the head?

  • An interesting and informative podcast. I was surprised however at the recommendation NOT to do lateral raises. I have heard concerns over overhead presses and upright rows, but not lateral raises, apart from the recommendation not to internally rotate the arm as in the water jug pouring method.
    I do the exercise, but lying on the floor on my side, one arm at a time. I keep the arm in the scalar plane, slightly in front of my torso and the ROM is relatively small. My arm doesn’t get abducted any further than 45 degrees away from my torso, and on the return I don’t let it rest against my side. My TUL is about 60 seconds so the weight used is not excessive.
    Would Party consider this to be still problematical dangerous in the long term, or is this a safe(r) alternative? Is it the abduction motion of the arm with resistance that is the problem? Or is there an issue with how high the arm is raised, perhaps causing impingment issues?

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