83 – How To Start A Podcast, Land High-Profile Guests, and How to Make High Intensity Training Great

Corporate Warrior's Lawrence Neil being Interviewed by NorCal Strength Studio's Patrick Ycaro
Corporate Warrior’s Lawrence Neal being Interviewed by NorCal Strength Studio’s Patrick Ycaro

In a somewhat unusual role reversal for this episode, I find myself as the interviewee. Patrick and Oliver Ycaro interviewed me on their YouTube channel, Norcal Strength Studio. I absolutely loved doing this, and if you have a podcast on HIT, health and fitness in general, productivity, business, “fill in the blank”, I would LOVE to come on to your show. If you’re interested in having me, please contact me here. And remember … I will share the episode and your platform with my audience :D.

Run by the brothers Patrick and Oliver Ycaro, NorCal Strength Studios is focused on helping people of all ages, abilities, and even medical conditions lose weight, build muscle, become stronger, have more energy, and live healthier lifestyles in as little as 20 minutes a week using evidence-based exercise science and the principles of high-intensity training. Patrick is a Certified High Intensity Training Instructor, Certified Safe Strength Instructor, and is CPR/AED Certified. Oliver is a NorCal Strength Studio HIT Certified Instructor and an IFPA Strength Training Specialist.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How to prepare for podcast interviews
  • How to get high-profile guests
  • The importance of focusing on the right categories in your business
  • How to make High-Intensity Training a force to be reckoned with in the health and fitness industry
  • … and much more!

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Would you like to interview Lawrence Neal? Please email lneal2 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Podcast Pre-Interview Checklist

As mentioned in this episode, this is the pre-interview checklist that I use to prepare for every episode of Corporate Warrior:

  • Disorganised note taking
  • Send rapid fire questions in adv. (rest of interview spontaneous).
  • Use buffer to poll audience for questions – ask them to be as specific as possible (e.g. don’t ask “how to be healthy”), post to Facebook profile manually.
  • Review overall Podcast feedback
  • Test blinkist app to get summaries and notes for guest books.
  • Talk about stuff with guests on podcast that they seldom get asked about but want to talk about. Perhaps ask the guest in adv?
  • Look at stock questions.
  • Research guest:
    • Read/Scan book(s)
    • watch/listen/read interviews, TED talks
    • Website/social media
  • Plan questions
  • Ask mutual friends what I should ask.
  • Review submitted questions.
  • List friends who have been on the podcast, feel free to chat with them (social proof), big impact to X demographic.
  • Consider where in my questions it might be suitable or add colour with my own experience or study and add to notes.
  • Ask for preferred bio, social handles, etc.:

    “Please can you send me:

    Best head shot for the featured image (image that you own)
    Most interesting picture for the blog post body (image that you own)
    Mini-bio (short paragraph) or can use website blurb (up to you).



  • Use short prompts, don’t go overboard with full questions. “Reference X” “Photos from that time – always smiling, how manage?” “LN: ….” (thoughts and questions)
  • Consider fewer Qs (during note taking box key points, and use as key Qs which create opportunities to probe)
  • Organise notes into questions and categorise (don’t be too detailed)

Show Notes

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