142 – Mark Strough – Muscle Gain On A Carnivore Diet, Full Body Training Vs Split Routines And The Benefits Of Advanced Techniques

Mark Strough and The Ketogenic Diet
Mark Strough’s lost a ton of fat after moving to a Ketogenic Diet

Mark Strough is a High-Intensity Trainer, Serial Entrepreneur, and Life-Long Martial Artist. This is a stand alone episode, but if you want to listen to Part 1, go here.

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This was a really fun conversation where I got the opportunity to geek-out with Mark on diet, training and life hacks.

We cover:

  • Mark’s journey transition from the ketogenic diet to a carnivore diet
  • High intensity training – full body vs split routines
  • Advanced training techniques
  • And much more

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  • Hey Lawrence it was great to see Mark back on your show! Like i mentioned before i had heard of the Zero Carb movement years ago, and while i found it interesting, the majority of the people that followed it had a variety of health issues and i thought ” Wow, interesting alternative for them”. But ever since Dr Baker came on the scene and a variety of other people like Mark, who were already following low carb and keto diets switched over, it’s been really eye opening when it comes to performance, and like Mark pointed out, for him, such a small change on top of what he was doing already had such a profound effect in so many ways.
    Which brings up the topic of people that always say Calories are the only important aspect of weight loss and body composition. I’m not saying how much energy a person consumes isn’t going to be important, i’m just saying for years whether it’s in the case of the Carnivore diet or other modalities, that hormonal health and quality of foods is going to have a dramatic difference for a lot of people, especially the older we get.

    • Completely agree. Mark’s experience is really interesting. I think that calories and food quality matters when it comes to fat loss and general health. It’s silly in my mind to just repeat calories in calories out when we know so much more about how different foods determine hormonal signalling. I’ve seen people really struggle to lose body fat on a calorie restricted diet, even if they follow the plan, which also makes me questions CICO. Which is why I prefer the high protein, low fat, low carb approach for fat loss from a hormonal and compliance POV.

      • Exactly Lawrence! Also i’ve noticed some of the closed mindedness in all types of groups not just nutrition sites or Zero Carb. When it comes to nutrition, i think it comes down to some people something is the “CURE” So then everything becomes the square peg in the round hole, or the only tool is a Screw Driver scenario. Vegans being the worst with this sadly ha ha ha Plus when something is a ” Cure” for a ailment, especially something as severe as some of these people are going through, God forbid some sort of adaption too it, because then they take it as some sort of attack. Also another thing i’ve noticed with people that also applies to nutrition is the whole forgetting our past, and then repeating mistakes. I’ve noticed a ton of Orthoretic people in Keto Groups freaking out constantly, bemoaning their results and micro managing their micros. But low carb nutrition for performance is nothing new. The big thing is they don’t really know the past, which is readily available to look up, and the majority of the ones that are failing are chasing fat, The only complaints from people in the past following Low Carb diets for performance, other than the adaption phase most people go through the first week, was more about eating the same foods, because maybe they weren’t good cooks ha ha ha And didn’t know how prepare food well It wasn’t about getting leaner and more muscular

  • Healthy foods are important for the nutrient density they provide for the body however when it comes to reducing body fat the primary determinate of that is caloric management .

  • With the greatest respect, this is just more anecdote. Google “raw-food/gluten-free/vegan/ carnivore/paleo/WestonPrice/calorie-restiction/probiotics/aloevera/homeopathy/acupuncture*delete as applicable* rheumatoid arthritis cure” Why should we believe Mark over a raw-foodist or a keto advocate or whoever? The burden of proof is on the claimant and while these anecdotes build a compelling narrative to those with similar biases, so do many of the above mentioned WoE.

  • Hi, with respect to salt intake checkout @Virtahealth’s work on nutritional ketosis and sodium https://blog.virtahealth.com/sodium-nutritional-ketosis-keto-flu-adrenal-function/ and as well James DiNicolantonio (on Twitter @drjamesdinic) author of “The Salt Fix”. What they’re saying is boils down to that that the recommended sodium intake is wrong for most. Virtahealth recommends 5 grams per day for people on ketogenic diets.

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