31 – What Luke Carlson has Learned about Exercise after Collecting a Ton of Data and Running Large Scale Experiments

Leg Press
A tough leg press workout at Discover Strength

Luke Carlson (Luke[@]discoverstrength.com) is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Discover Strength’s personal training facilities are among the highest volume/revenue training facilities in the U.S. Luke speaks around the world on the topics of evidence-based exercise and the fundamentals of building successful fitness businesses. He is the co-author of two books and a contributing author to magazines including Runners World and Running Times and he has co-authored multiple scientific journal articles on the topics of resistance exercise.

Luke is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist, Cancer Exercise Specialist and has a BS and MS in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota. Luke has spoken on his approach to business and leadership to audiences in a variety of industries across the globe.  He has been a featured speaker at FILEX Australia, TaiSPO in Taiwan, the Annual IHRSA Convention, the IHRSA European Congress, the IHRSA Institute for Health Club Executives, the Fitness Leaders Summit, Mindbody BOLD, and the Vistage Executive Summit.

You can hear my first interview with Luke here.

Please note that due to some internet issues in my area, the audio quality is fairly poor at the beginning. We switch from video to audio-only at 10:23 and the audio is excellent from then on.

During this conversation, Luke describes the very exciting agenda for the 6th Annual Resistance Exercise Conference (formerly HIT Resurgence Conference)

It’s taking place on the 1st and 2nd April in Minneapolis at the Commons Hotel.  The conference features 5 Keynote Presentations; multiple “TED Talk” style, 15 minute presentations; hands on training demos; a speaker roundtable, and an early morning workout. Speakers include a mix of strength coaches, researchers, and practitioners including strength/hypertrophy researchers Dr. James Steele and James Fisher (both at Southampton Solent University in the United Kingdom), Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose from University of British Colombia, and Mike Rehfeldt, basketball strength and conditioning coach at the University of Cincinnati.

If you’re really into strength training and/or your a PT, this event is a no-brainer for you to attend.

In this interview Luke reveals some very interesting discoveries he has made about training, and in particular, his evolving view on advanced training techniques and the importance of mindset and variation.

Luke has kindly offered to answer all the questions that I failed to ask. Please submit your questions in the comments to this blog post and Luke will respond. 

Check out the interview below…

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Show Notes

  • What has changed about the exercise protocols and fundamentals taught at Discover Strength in the last year? [6:00]
  • How do Discover Strength prevent trainees from over training and ensure progression when using advanced, overloading techniques? [10:55]
  • Does working out to failure twice per week work best across the board? [12:40]
  • What interesting discoveries has Luke drawn from the masses of training data Discover Strength have accumulated over the years? [14:10]
  • When is Luke going to open a Discover Strength in London? [21:40]
  • Why do Discover Strength use a large number of exercises (10-12) in each workout? [22:28]
  • What were the outcomes of Luke’s recent study on comparing SSTF, negative only and another condition? [26:20]
  • What is Luke’s favourite manually applied resistance exercise and why? [29:40]
  • The Resistance Exercise Conference [32:10]
  • What does Luke do to sustain and cultivate his motivation for his work and his purpose? [39:40]
  • Luke’s request of the listeners [45:30]
  • What does the first 90-minutes of Luke’s day look like? [46:30]
  • What has Luke changed his mind about in the last year? [48:20]
  • In the last 5 years when has Luke felt the most successful? [49:15]
  • What insight about training has Luke acquired that seems obvious to him but not obvious to everyone else? [51:55]

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