36 – Jay Vincent Interview: How To Build An Amazing Body In Less Than 40-Minutes Per Week

Jay Vincent is a Personal Trainer, a Professional Fitness Model, and a High Intensity Training Instructor
Jay Vincent (via Instagram)

Jay Vincent (Instagram/Facebook) is a High Intensity Training instructor operating his studio, 2020 Fitness, out of Albany, New York. He’s also a professional fitness model and sponsored MuscleTech Athlete and modelled for popular athletic clothing lines such as Under Armour and appeared in small acting roles for Amazon.com. Jay’s MuscleTech ads have been featured in many popular fitness magazines including FLEX, Muscular Development, Muscle and Fitness, FitnessRx, Ironman and more.

When he can find the time, Jay loves to answer your questions via [email protected] and also offers distance coaching services.

Jay was an incredible guest. If you love HIT or just want to optimise your training, diet and habits for you and your clients, you will love this!

Here’s two of Jay’s workout routines (he performs 2 workouts per week and won’t repeat the same workout in at least 6 days):

Upper body split
Each exercise is done with a 5-10 second lifting phase and 5-10 second lowering phase.
1 set of each exercise to muscular failure.
– Arm cross – 1 set to failure
Immediately followed by
– Chest Press (nautilus one) break down set
– Seated Row
– Supinated Pull down
– Reverse delt fly
– shoulder press
– bicep curl
– tricep push down
Using a slow rep cadence allows you to eliminate momentum and let the muscle do all of the work along with maximizing muscle fiber recruitment.
It’s not about the exercises you do or how often you do them. It’s HOW you do them – intensely.

Lower body split 2 or 3 days later (when Jay doesn’t feel like he’s been run over by a truck) 
Same cadence, single set to failure principle as above.
– Leg extension
Immediately followed by
– Leg press – rest pause/ breakdown set
– Leg curl
– Calf raise

This lower body workout takes around 8-minutes to complete. His total time in the gym is under 40-minutes per week

Jay Vincent front

“once you understand the basic physiology of it (HIT), any other way just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Jay Vincent double bicep back

“I’m not tired, I do not get injured, and I barely spend any time in the gym, who wouldn’t want that to produce maximum results!?”

Jay Vincent hand in pocket front

“I believe the way you look … is almost entirely genetic, and second place comes diet and third places comes your [workout] protocol.”

Jay Vincent front

“We set our own limitations, and we allow our peers to let our limitations for us … so why not set them high?”

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Show Notes

  • Jay’s background and training journey [3:45]
  • Would Jay get better gains if he extended his recovery periods even more? [13:20]
  • Why are there so few people like Jay who are open to HIT? [15:15]
  • What does Jay think of college in America? [20:00]
  • How did Jay start his personal training business? [21:05]
  • How competitive is it to become a fitness model in New York? [24:10]
  • Did Jay gain muscular size when he switched from conventional training to HIT? [29:37]
  • What are Jay’s views on effective exercise cadence? [34:45]
  • How rampant are performance enhancement drugs in the fitness modelling industry? [41:33]
  • Is Jay on steroids? [45:20]
  • Is training to “near failure” good enough? [47:50]
  • How does Jay optimise recovery following training? [51:35]
  • How much rest does Jay employ between exercises? [54:05]
  • How does Jay organise his workouts? [1:02:18]
  • Jay’s diet in detail [1:05:35]
  • What does Jay think about fat in coffee and high-fat diets in general? [1:16:55]
  • Approximately how many calories does Jay consume per day? [1:21:00]
  • Does Jay eat junk food? [1:24:20]
  • What supplements does Jay use? [1:28:20]
  • Jay’s sleep ritual [1:36:00]
  • What does the first 90-minutes of Jay’s day look like? [1:39:00]
  • What book has Jay gifted the most? [1:39:45]
  • Amazing advice from Jay on managing expectations and optimising exercise intensity [1:40:50]
  • Does Jay advocate forced hyperventilation during exercise [1:44:44]
  • What are Jay’s business and contribution goals over the next 3 years [1:46:40]
  • What marketing platforms is Jay using for his business? [1:49:03]
  • The best piece of advice Jay has ever been given [1:54:20]
  • What has Jay changed his mind about in the last year? [1:56:20]


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Comments 16

  • Loved the podcast! Wish you talked more about the diet portion as well. Something for round 2!

  • Dude…epic interview!! How have I not heard of this guy before? Unfortunately in the fitness cybersphere you often get (with a few obvious exceptions) super-dorks (I say that with the maximum possible respect) who look like they wouldn’t be able to bicep curl a lamb chop, or super-jocks who sound like they need to be hit on the head with a hardback book.

    Jay seems to be a rare combination of the two, following in the Jones-Mentzer-McGuff school of mixing brains with brawn. Will definitely keep an eye out for more from him.


  • It’s comforting to see others carrying on Mike’s legacy. Turning their backs on senseless dogma.

  • Although I love HIT, I have yet to see a guy going from normal to jacked using HIT. As always he’s good amazing genetics, is a fast responder and has been through regular bodybuilding before doing HIT so it doesn’t count for esthetics.

    • I’d have to disagree. It’s hard to believe that if “regular body building” produced his results then why would HIT retain them. Jay has been doing HIT for going on 10 years now. He’s a very rare case of someone who is blessed both physically and intellectually, particularly in terms of having a very objective view of exercise.

  • I agree, this is one of the best podcasts so far on the topic of HIT. Jay is quite articulate, surprisingly for someone with this physique and this young. I hope he inspires scores of millennials.

    (His intelligence reminds me of The Golden One.)

  • Great interview guys! Many thanks for great work!! Love it!!

  • Thank you so much for posting the minute mark on the different topics. Nothing worse than seeing a 2 hour podcast with NO description of what’s inside of it! haha

  • One hell of a physique! So if one is a beginner lifter & utilizes HIT training principles consistently for a number of years, that’s actually a level of a muscularity that’s realistic in under 40min a week? Impressive, if true.

    • Hi Shameer,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The answer is “no it’s not possible for 99% of the population”. Jay’s physique is determined by his genetic and not by his training regimen. He would likely express a very similar physique using a whole raft of approaches to training.

      The point we try to make here and in many of the podcasts is to show you that you will achieve YOUR optimal physique with brief, infrequent, and intense training and a healthy diet. But everyone’s genetics are very different and few possess the genetics to look like Jay, and so it’s always best to compare yourself against yourself, because trying to replicate someone else is a fools errand.

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