7 – Vital Exercise owner, Ted Harrison on How he used HIT to Significantly Increase Muscle Mass, HIT Supplementation and Bulletproof Coffee

Ted Harrison - Vital Exercise

Ted Harrison has been a personal trainer for over 30 years and is the owner and founder of Vital Exercise, his personal training studio in Essex. Ted uses HIT-influenced, science-based training principles to help his clients achieve their goals. His client’s have been able to obtain astonishing results with less than 30-minutes gym time per week. Don’t believe me? Ted was able to achieve his physique in the pictures below with less than 1 hour in the gym per week. Not bad for 53….

Please note: Sorry for the echo on Ted’s side. I have figured out how to prevent this from happening in future. Basically don’t use “callnote” software because it doesn’t seem to happen on Audacity.

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Show Notes

  • Founder of Vital Exercise
  • How Ted went from thin to using HIT to put on size
  • How Ted started his personal training business
  • The difference between HIT and HIIT
  • Will HIT become more popular?
  • Tips on building a successful personal training business
  • How Ted trains his clients
  • How HIT significantly increases spontaneous activity levels
  • How Ted supplements his client’s HIT session with additional exercise
  • How Ted has used HIT and hypertrophy training (less than 1 hour in the gym per week) to achieve his physique
  • The importance of high calorie/protein intake to increase lean size
  • The pros and cons of Bulletproof Coffee
  • Ted’s diet tips – removing bread
  • The importance of removing negativity and having a gratefulness routine.
  • Why its important to become the person that doesn’t need motivation to exercise.
  • Ted’s top 3 health and fitness tips



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