4 – Founder of HITuni.com and Co-Author of The One Diet, Simon Shawcross: How HIT Improves Cardiovascular Health and How to Become a Great Personal Trainer

Simon Shawcross, founder of HITuni and High Intensity Training expert
Simon Shawcross (image via HITuni.com)

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally found the time to upload this awesome podcast. I had the good fortune in interviewing UK HIT expert Simon Shawcross. Simon is the CEO and founder of HITuni.com a personal training and HIT resource website. He’s also the co-author of The One Diet along with Georges Philips. The One Diet is also endorsed by HIT expert Dr Doug McGuff who wrote the foreward for the publication.

Ectomorphs (those pre-disposed to have leaner physiques) should find this podcast useful. Both Simon and I are ectomorphs and talk about experiences with HIT and how to optimise results.

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– HIT: definition, how to do it, and the benefits

– How does HIT improve cardiovascular performance

– The One Diet: A healthy approach to nutrition based on science and the hunter gatherer diet

– How to become a good HIT personal trainer

– The challenges in dealing with NHS in relaton to nutritional guidelines

– Simon’s personal dietary plan

– Simon’s top 3 tips for improving your health



HITuni.com (Simon’s website includes a blog on HIT and nutrition, and pesonal training courses)

Simonshawcross.com ( Simon’s personal website for 121s and consultations)

– Vitalexercise.com (HIT gym)

– Arthurjonesexercise.com

– James Fisher Resume

– James Steele “No such thing as cardio”

– Doug Richards on Stretching: The Truth



– 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

– The One Diet by Georges Philips and Simon Shawcross

– The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey

– How to lose a stone in under 30 days and keep it off by Lawrence Neal (me)



– Creatine

– Vitamin D


– Bulletproof Coffee

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