1 – Body By Science Author, Dr Doug McGuff on Strength Training Fundamentals, The 4-Hour Body and How to Train to Succeed at Obstacle Races

Dr. Doug McGuff, author of HIT book Body by Science and high-intensity training expert
Dr. Doug McGuff on the Ventral Torso (image courtesy of ren-ex.com)

Check out the interview I did with Dr Doug McGuff. Doug lives in South Carolina and is the co-author of Body by Science, owner of Ultimate Exercise gym, drmcguff.com, and a full-time ER Physician. Doug is one of the world’s leading experts in High Intensity Strength Training and works tirelessly to help people to improve their health and realise the benefits of this highly effective but widely misunderstood training method.

In summary, we cover the origins of HIT, strength training fundamentals, benefits, techniques, and strategies, nutrition (Paleo Diet), stress management, Doug’s involvement with the “4 Hour Body” (written by Tim Ferriss), the impact of programs like “Insanity” and “P90x”, the development of the HIT movement, sport specific training, and even how to effectively prepare for “fun runs” like “Tough Mudder” and “Survival of the Fittest”. For those that are familiar with Doug and his work, in this interview, you will learn more about Doug as a person, his experiences, and his personal mission.

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  • Really enjoyed this interview Lawrence! You asked great questions of Dr. McGuff that lead into insightful discussions that anyone wanting to a good handle on High Intensity Training or for that matter a holistic view for building strength. Thank you for providing a high quality clearinghouse of HIT information.

  • Hi Lawrence,

    I stumbled upon your podcast because I’ve been on the Doug Mcguff/HIIT bandwagon for a couple of months now.

    I’ve gone back to the beginning of your podcasts and had a question about this interview with Doug. You mentioned you were using Technogym equipment and that’s all I’ve got available to use here in Tokyo. You briefly commented on how terrible it is but is it so bad that I should avoid it altogether?

    • Hey Reagy, love the sponge bob pic 😀

      I was a little too dogmatic back then. I don’t think you should avoid it all together. They should be fine for the Big-5. They won’t be as good as MedX or Nautilus but they’ll get the job done. It’s a very personal thing. You might find that you just don’t like some machines based on the ergonomics, your own body, the strength curves etc, and may prefer to swap a machine out for a bodyweight or free weight exercise (Body By Science and Drew Baye’s Project Kratos are great resources for this).

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