5 – Founder of #1 HIT Blog: Baye.com, Drew Baye on How to Identify Good Science, Achieving Sub 10% Body Fat with No Cardio and Why a Vegan Diet is Ineffective

Drew Baye, High Intensity Training Expert, in an HIT presentation at the 21 Convention
Drew Baye (via Baye.com)

It was a real honour to have Drew Baye on the Corporate Warrior podcast. Drew Baye is a highly-experienced personal trainer, former fitness model, and long-standing proponent of high intensity training. He owns the number one HIT blog: baye.com, which is one of the most impressive compediums of health, fitness, and nutritional knowledge on the internet.

Drew featured in Tim Ferriss’s popular book The 4 Hour Body and showed readers how they could reach sub 10% body fat with “zero cardio”. He’s also featured on the 21 convention teaching young adults about the benefits of correct exercise.

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We go deep in this podcast, and explore a wide range of health and fitness topics:


– Definition of exercise

– The importance of exercise recovery

– Debunking the fitness industry

– How to identify good science and safe and effective exercise and nutrition

– How Drew got to and stays within the top 3 on google for “High Intensity Training”

– Learn about Drew Baye’s diet

– Drew’s view on a vegan diet and fruit

– The impact of genetics

– The downsides of kettlebells

– Strength training for fat loss/maintaining muscle during fat loss endeavor

– Strength training for women

– How to eat for muscle gain and fat loss

– Expose of dietary myths

– Exploration of the philosophy of eating fo health and training for strength

– Drew’s views on flexibililty

– The benefits of HIT for health

– The value of fasting

– How to effectively track strength and fat loss performance

– Drew’s view on pro-longed sitting

– Drew’s views on pilates

– How to improve at your sport and efficiency of movement



– Baye.com (Drew’s main website)

– High intensity training workouts and the “sun tan analogy”

Exercise Science LLC (Ryan Hall’s website)

drmcguff.com (Dr Doug McGuff’s website)

Body by Science by Dr Doug McGuff and John Little

– Cyberpump.com

Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Naseem Nicholas Taleb

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