6 – Author of Congruent Exercise, Bill DeSimone on Stretching and Restoring Postural Deficits, the Risks of P90x and Insanity and the Benefits of having a Movement Practice

Bill DeSimone, HIT Expert, speaking at the 21 Convention
Bill DeSimone speaking at The 21 Convention (via The21Convention.com)

Bill Desimone is one of the world’s leading experts in applying exercise biomechanics. He’s been a personal trainer for 30+ years and he’s the author of Moment Arm Exercise and Congruent Exercise: How to Make Weight Training Easier on your Joints. 

I have wanted to speak with Bill ever since I saw him present on The 21 Convention. It was a real pleasure to get a unique perspective on all things health and fitness related.

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Show Notes

– Tips on building a successful personal training business

– Benefits of cardio on mood and fat loss

– Benefits of stretching and restoring postural deficits

– How to reduce lower back pain

– Benefits of high intensity strength training

– Is HIT the most effective exercise protocol?

– Bill’s personal workout routine

– How to avoid acute and long term injury during exercise whilst getting optimal results

– The risks of P90x and Crossfit

– Do kettle bells have a place in a healthy workout?

– What is the best way to increase muscular size?

– How important is it to have a movement practice?

– Bill’s favourite health and fitness books

– Bill’s top tips and philosophy on health and fitness

– What exactly Bill did to get into competition condition

– The 5.9 diet


Bill DeSimone

Moment Arm Exercise by Bill DeSimone

Congruent Exercise: How to Make Weight Training Easier on your Joints by Bill DeSimone


The 21 Convention interview transcript with Bill DeSimone

Bill DeSimone Linkedin



Prime Mover: A Natural History of Muscle by Steven Vogel

Brunnstrom’s Clinical Kinesiology by Peggy A. Houglum

The Concise Book of Muscles by Chris Jarmey

The Body Fat Breakthrough by Ellington Darden

The New High-Intensity by Ellington Darden

New Bodybuilding for Old School Results by Ellington Darden

High Intensity Training: The Mike Mentzer Way by Mike Mentzer


Other Resources

Tom Purvis – Resistance Training Specialist

John Ratey M.D – Sparking Life

Rubberbanditz (elastic for extra resistance)

Casey Viator – The Colorado Experiment 

Frank Zane

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