216 – My Online HIT Coaching Session with Gary Knight

Gary Knight
Gary Knight

Gary Knight (Intensegainsgary[@]gmail.com) is a high-intensity trainer and online HIT coach. He’s worked with hundreds of people from different backgrounds, including high powered executives and CEOs. Gary has been able to deliver excellent results as both a personal trainer and online coach, helping clients to optimise their body composition with proven strategies for exercise and nutrition.

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This episode is my first coaching session with Gary. We talk about my workout progress, the importance of recording information in a tracker, and my new HIT program.

This podcast will be really useful to you if you’re interested in improving your own HIT programming and get better results OR learn how to deliver an online HIT coaching session effectively.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • Hi,
    Good plan. Should I do warm up sets then one set to failure? How many does Gary do?

  • I enjoyed listening to this, even though there wasn’t anything particularly new in what I heard.

    I got a laugh at your immediate spontaneous reaction to the suggested 3x per week training. Have you considered the possibility that your current low frequency of training has just left you under-conditioned? Work capacity can be trained to some extent.

    I do like his ideas about hitting muscle groups in different ways by using exercises that have some overlap. I personally have come to like using a greater variety of exercises over the course of a program cycle. It isn’t so much that the gains are better than what I might get from doing a simple big 5 over and over. But I think my joints feel better for the variety, and are more robust when exposed to the random stresses that life delivers. Can’t prove that, of course…

  • I am curious to see what this system will do for you. What are your predictions and how long is this informal N(eal) = 1 going to last? After re-listening to # 70, I would also be curious to see what a Brian Johnston freestyle system would do. I like what you are doing and keep up the good work.

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