203 – Gary Knight – How To Become An Online HIT and Nutrition Coach

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Gary Knight

Gary Knight is a high-intensity trainer and online HIT coach. He’s worked with hundreds of people from different backgrounds, including high powered executives and CEOs. Gary has been able to deliver excellent results as both a personal trainer and online coach, helping clients to optimise their body composition with proven strategies for exercise and nutrition.

Gary Knight is now helping high-intensity trainers grow their own online HIT and nutrition coaching business. If you’re looking to start an online HIT coaching business from scratch, improve your existing online business, or expand your personal training, this podcast will give you all the tools to get started and realise great results quickly.

If you need help getting your online HIT and nutrition coaching business started, contact Gary via email (intensegainsgary @ gmail.com), Facebook, or Instagram.

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  • Loved this podcast. Quick question. Is “Online Trainer Academy” for people who are already certified trainers only?

    • Cheers Doug! I’ll ask Gary to chime in

    • Anyone can do it – I’m not sure on the legalities.

      You can get insurance for online coaching when you have certification for being a PT but the OTA is really just an information course not a legal certification bearing any authority other than the authority of the knowledge and skills contain within.

  • I have little interest in online coaching, and almost didn’t listen to this one. But it was a pretty entertaining conversation. Love the comments about the “puritanical” approach to diet and exercise. Personally, I’ve found that calorie tracking is the only thing that worked reliably for me, so I appreciated Gary’s approach on the nutrition side.

    • Thanks Greg. Yes! I found Gary’s view on calorie tracking as a great way to MEASURE progress very insightful. As you know, I’ve never been a fan of calorie counting personally and I don’t recommend it to others. But if I were still a health / body comp online coach, I would possibly ask clients to track calories just so we could measure diet effectiveness. e.g. if I said, go Paleo or Carnivore, and they didn’t track calories, they might eat too much! It seems unlikely, but there does seem to be some evidence that this happens.

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