213 – Gary Knight – Objectivism, Mike Mentzer, and his “NEW” HIT Program: HD Retro

Gary Knight
Gary Knight
Gary Knight is a high-intensity trainer and online HIT coach. He’s worked with hundreds of people from different backgrounds, including high powered executives and CEOs. Gary has been able to deliver excellent results as both a personal trainer and online coach, helping clients to optimise their body composition with proven strategies for exercise and nutrition.

Contact Gary via email (intensegainsgary @ gmail.com), Facebook, Instagram, and check out his YouTube Channel.

In this podcast, we discuss Gary’s “new” HIT program, objectivism, the value of HIT coaching, and much, much more.

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  • He’s always so entertaining. 🙂

    His physique, that’s how you sell HIT. Him, Doug, Luke, Jay, John Little, John Heart, etc…

    Some decent size and leanness has to show to get people to listen. It’s just how the world is. as Gary said it in another podcast, he was preaching HIT but had too much body fat so his friend said to him, why would I listen to you, you look like crap.

    In a couple of months I’ll be doing a before and after of my HIT experience. I barely talk about it now with people, even though people keep mentioning I’m bigger. But a before and after is the best way to show HIT’s benefits.

    • Hey Ricky,

      I agree. I think we need to walk the walk. You don’t need to be a genetic freak either. In today’s world, a small degree of muscularity and leanness make you look like superman!

      Hahah I remember Gary saying that. He’ll never forget that moment. Would be very cool to see your before and after. Please post a link here!

    • I somewhat enjoyed this podcast although I was greatly disappointed in Gary’s view of Objectivism, which is way off on the actual tenants of it, especially its ethics. I highly highly recommend anyone who want to understand Objectivism more throughly, they read Leonard Peikoff’s: Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand. Gary’s assessment did a great disservice.

  • First, congratulations on the recent developments in your personal life.

    Second, thanks to Gary for putting out a free program.

    Now to the podcast…

    It takes a brave man to go on a HIT podcast and critique Ayn Rand and Objectivism. 🙂

    That said, I’ll admit that I’ve never been a big fan of Libertarianism or Objectivism, and I’ve never been a big fan of Mentzer’s use of philosophy and logic to come up with a training system. However, I have not been able to articulate my discomfort with these things nearly as well as what Mr. Knight did. So I thoroughly enjoyed that portion of the discussion!

  • Hi Lawrence, I don’t comment much anymore but am still listening to a lot of your content. Just want to say congratulations on the impending arrival, I’m 6 years into fatherhood and it the best thing I ever did.

  • I read We the Living, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged about 10 years ago. I liked Howard Roark’s character the best. I have wondered if Galt was really based on Tesla. Could it really be “Oh well, who is Nikola Tesla? Could it all be summed up in believe in yourself and have rational self interest? The individualist’s were known as the “The Collective” and It is very easy to become a Randroid (i was influenced by it too) through group-think.

  • I have been a huge Mentzer fan since 1994 (when I was 19), and have all his books. His writings definitely inspire me to train hard and i revisit them from time to time. However, he was a person that put on his pants one leg at a time just like me. A person is an end in themselves, so do what you do and it does what it does.

  • Don’t want to sound like a dogmatist but Mr, Knight knows little (it seems) about Rand’s non-fiction.

    Watch Michael Paxton’s ‘Ayn Rand : A Sense of Life’; it’s very well done and shows her in her true light.

    Thank You.

    Chris Thomas.

  • Definately read the fountainhead first as you’ve jumped off into the deep end by reading atlas shrugged first,. You will be ready for it later in life ,it’s a very long book that needs to be read slowly not rushed. I got into ayn rand through john little and mike mentzer years ago and using her philosophy have to the top of my profession as a full time martial arts instructor and to the top of each art I have studied . You can pick apart ayn rands teaching but have you actually grasped what she is explaining ,many Miss what she is trying to get across by a mile and fail to apply what she or mentzer or john have advocated ,to apply it in your day to day living . I grasped what she said with both hands and made a success of what I do but also strengthened my morality ,ethics and integrity along the way. Her works are weight training for the brain and sometimes you have to go over it till you actually grasp what she is trying to get across. As a pioneer of mma ,Brazilian jiu jitsu and jeet kune do and Filipino arts in the north of the uk I have used high intensity , static contraction and other methods to high level fighters as well as ordinary gym goers and seen great success using those methods .

    • Thanks Michael. I abandoned Atlas Shrugged for now as you said, but when I return to Ayn Rand’s work I’ll start with The Fountainhead. Interesting story you have there and thanks for sharing.

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