82 – Drew Baye, Ryan Hall and Skyler Tanner – Round Table Part 2

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So excited to bring you this episode! This is Part 2 of a Round Table I recorded with Drew Baye, Ryan Hall and Skyler Tanner.

If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of this Round Table yet, check it out by clicking here!

Drew Baye is one of the world’s top high-intensity training experts and is one of the best trainers around, and he runs the #1 HIT blog Baye.com. Exercise Science LLC‘s Ryan Hall is an award-winning exercise physiologist and is one of only a handful of the world’s Certified Master SuperSlow Trainers. Smart Strength‘s Skyler Tanner is an exercise physiologist, an analytics professional, a lecturer, and a well-regarded, experienced fitness and nutrition coach.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Drew, Ryan, and Skyler on Dr Andy Galpin’s Take on HIT and optimal fitness
  • Doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) alongside High Intensity Training (HIT)
  • Drew and Ryan’s history with Super Slow – and how Super Slow Zone went wrong
  • Recent developments in exercise science that has the panel excited
  • … and much more!


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Question of the Day: What exercise or training advice have you been given before that you now know turns out to be quite wrong? Please let me and other guests know in the comments at the bottom of this post.

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  • Apologies to Drew at 38:35 it sounds like I talk over you (you can’t blame me though right? 😉 lol) , but I think this is a minor audio editing error.

  • Brilliant, Thanks again for asking so many of my questions.

  • Ryan – Is the genetic testing / analysis for exercise type available now? Will DNAFit provide it or do I need to wait for you to collaborate with them? Thank you!

    • David, you don’t need to wait for me. You can go straight to the DNAFit website and order your analysis kit. I believe they have three test, a basic fitness, a comprehensive fitness, and a nutrition test. If you have the money, I would suggest doing both the comprehensive fitness test and the nutrition test. When you get your results, I can help analyze them.

      • Thank you! That’s very generous of you Ryan and I will follow up when I do

      • Sorry Ryan, one follow-up question here. Is it sufficient to have 23andme data? Do I need to also purchase the DNAFit analysis? Do I need to have data taken from DNAFit themselves? Thank you!

  • Hello everyone,

    my name is Gordon Möller and I am an beginner at HIT, just doing it for about 2 month. In the studio I am going to there are gym80 machines an d in the other big studios they have HammerStrenght machines.

    Since I heard in on episode in the podcast, that most people can’t determine the quality of the machines they are using, me included, I would like to know how to determine which machines are good or better than the other.

    For example, I have the feeling that the lat machine has grips, that are to wide apart. What do think of handles which do rotate?

    Which best regards,


    • Hey Gordon,

      This depends on whether you want to perform close underhand-grip pulldowns (like a chin-up) or a wide overhand or neutral grip pulldown (like a pull-up). For the latter the handles should only be so far apart that your hands are positioned a little wider than your shoulders.

    • Gordon, it is difficult to determine the quality of equipment without a decent knowledge of biomechanics. You may want to purchase one of Bill Desimone’s books on biomechanics. Otherwise, I visited gym80’s website. They have several lines of equipment. I can’t give you my complete opinion without having used them myself. Just perusing the site, there are a few machines with questionable design elements. Having said that, use whatever tools you have available to the best of your abilities. I have no doubt you can effectively create a growth stimulus using the machines.

  • And not in all the years did any of them train add any muscle, ho but they lost bodyfat and muscle. They have the 16 year old beachboy look, not muscle and low fat. Why waste more time doing this, and waste other people’s time.


  • Thank you Ryan!

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  • […] Tanner (Listen to my episodes with Skyler here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part […]

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