120 – Dr Stuart Phillips on Muscle Gain for Hard Gainers, the Zero-Carb Diet and Protein Quality

Dr Stuart Phillips

Dr. Stuart M. Phillips is an award-winning professor at McMaster University’s Department of Kinesiology, the Director of the Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE) and the McMaster Centre for Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Research, and a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Skeletal Muscle Health. 

Dr Phillips is one of the most sought after and well-respected researchers on the impact of nutrition and exercise on muscle and muscle protein turnover.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Periodization
  • Common misapplications when implementing the “science” in training and diet
  • How important is time-under-tension for optimal gains?
  • Are carbohydrates required to maximise muscle gain?
  • Protein quality
  • … and much more

Listen below:

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Would you like to learn more from Dr Stuart Phillips? Listen to this episode where we discuss progressive overload, single-joint vs multi-joint exercises, high-intensity training and much more. Listen to it here (stream below or right-click to download):

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  • Hey Lawrence another great episode, i have to go back and listen to your first episode with Dr Stuart. Also always glad to find another Neil Gaiman fan. Also, not to beat a dead horse, but definitely think daily activity like the walking is important. Not to go as far as saying Sitting is the new smoking like some people claimed awhile back. But man, i just see more and more every day about the benefits of something as simple as a daily hour long brisk walk, like you mentioned. On another note this is a pretty short comment on my part don’t you think ha ha

    • Yeah, my occupation demands that I’m seated all day (although considering converting to standing desk) and I can “feel it”. I had a few days off last week, went for a casual run one day, spend an hour or so clambering over boulders the next, followed by an epic trail run over the moors the next. I felt amazing for it (even if I did take ridiculous fall onto my hand on the trail!)

      • You may want to consider getting one of those weird mats that make you shift your feet position when you stand and work. I record 95% of my podcasts standing and it’s not much better than sitting! Prolonged static positions in general seem to be pretty bad for you. I typically have chairs and a stool nearby so I can put one foot on the stool and alternate mid conversation :D. Your trail running sounds like so much fun.

        • Thanks for the tip, I work under desk lamps so I need to rig up a “booster” for them before I do anything. Trail running was awesome, much better than pounding the pavement. lots of tricky terrain, climbs and descents. If I still lived on Exmoor I’d make it a regular thing (but maybe give accidental aqua-planing arse over tit a miss).

    • Thank you James. I have to confess, though I think Neil is a great writer, I’m yet to really enjoy his books. I’ve only read Neverwhere, which was so-so and started reading another one, but I gave up and now reading David Gemmel 😀 I’m a sucker for heroic fantasy! And non-fiction: just about finished Essentialism = amazing! 😀

      • Hey Lawrence, i know what you mean about Neil. I would have to say i haven’t run across a author like him where on one hand i might not like several of his works but then like something quite a bit. So not as consistent. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Love that series and have reread it several times. One of my favorite fantasy series

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