208 – Dave Smith PhD – Acknowledging Arthur Jones, Body Dysmorphia, and Adherence to Resistance Training

Dave Smith PhD
Dave Smith BSc(Hons), FHEA, PhD, CPsychol AFBPsS
Dave Smith PhD (email – d.d.smith[@]mmu.ac.uk) / Linkedin) is a Health Care and Professions Council-Registered Sport and Chartered Exercise Psychologist. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University and Associate Editor of The Sport Psychologist, which is one of the most prominent peer-reviewed sport psychology journals.

His research interests include psychological issues in bodybuilding and strength training, psychological skills training (particular imagery), and low back pain. He is a former personal trainer with a specific interest in high-intensity training, and also has interests in target and precision sports, and thought/decision making processes in sport and other contexts.

In this podcast, Dave and I discuss his effort to acknowledge Arthur Jones’s contribution to exercise education, the most important factors that determine exercise results, body dysmorphia, training adherence and motivation, training programming, and much, much more.

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Research-based strength training recommendations from Strength training methods and the work of Arthur Jones. This is very similar to the table provided in Evidence-Based Resistance Training Recommendations

Enjoy the show!

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  • Great episode really enjoyed it. Well done for talking about issues such as body dysmorphia and being so open and honest.

    I think it’s worth mentioning that a lot of the top sports stars nowadays as well are using PEDs. Just look at boxing loads of them have tested positive.

    This is a really interesting article on steroid use in rugby https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/26/rugby-steroids-olympic-games-rio

    There’s high profile advocates of HVT who look like they use or have used steroids as well to me.

    Like Dave said it would definitely help if people were honest as this would really help. I think people just need to look to improve themselves and not compare themselves to other which is of course easier said than done. Also trying not to be offended when you get comments such as you look too skinny, “do you even lift” etc!

    • Thanks Matt. It’s something that has affected me very negatively in the past. I think it has something to do with the amount of self-worth I tied to my physique. It’s less impactful now, but occasionally rears its ugly head.

      I feel really strongly about this because I worry about all the young lads and ladies who don’t understand that most of them will never obtain the body they think they can get because they do not know better. This is just exacerbated by social media influencers and the like who ever don’t know better or are just unethical.

      Thanks for the article.

  • I loved this episode – I appreciated the flexible, pragmatic approach of the guest regarding exercise protocols. I suppose a more rigid, purist/elitist approach can be an effective marketing message for the enthusiast market. But I doubt that it is effective from a public health perspective.

    Regarding body dysmorphia: he focused mainly on the issue of big muscles. But there is another kind, where you develop an obsession with having abs and an extremely lean and ripped look. I’m starting to see this more in the HIT world.

    • Hey Greg,

      Yes, it was a pleasant reminder from Dave that consistency is key. You raise a good point about this obsession with leanness. I probably skew toward that but maybe because it’s easier for me!

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