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Back in April 2014, I contacted Dr Doug McGuff for an interview. I never expected a reply.

Fast forward to today, and Doug has been on the podcast twice, as well as twenty other world class experts in high intensity strength training and health such as Drew Baye, Ben Greenfield, Steve Maxwell and many more.

From November 2014, I have endeavoured to do one interview per week. At the start, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to interview effectively. I didn’t have a mic and I didn’t know what software to use. I have tried to improve it with every new episode: better show notes, better technology, better audio, better questions, etc.

I have been juggling the Corporate Warrior podcast with several other website projects such as the blog, eBooks, and a pretty demanding full-time job. It’s been tough.

The podcast has grown rapidly. I had 538 downloads in the first 3 months. This month, I’m looking at over 3,000. Total downloads are over 15,000. It’s been an amazing journey and I don’t plan on stopping.

I love doing this podcast. I love interviewing really smart people on high intensity strength training, health, nutrition and performance. Most of all, I love creating something, with the help of my very generous guests, that will help people and spread the word. Like ripples in a pond.

Almost every week, I receive a flattering email from a listener. Some of these emails have brought a tear to my eye. Seriously. They have made me realise that this podcast deserves more of me. I have decided to drop all of my other projects to focus on it.

To help me make this great, I have a very important favour to ask:

PLEASE, leave a review on iTunes and Stitcher:

Reviews are my life blood. They help Corporate Warrior climb the podcasting ranks. The better the rank, the more exposure the podcast will receive.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for lots more awesome interviews to come.

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