226 – Dr. Bryce Lee – Are Muscle Activation Techniques a Waste of Time?

Dr. Bryce Lee
Dr. Bryce Lee

Dr. Bryce Lee (bryce @ strength-space.com) is a former Surface Warfare Naval Officer turned Director of Therapy and Co-founder of StrengthSpace, a provider of resistance-based exercise and physical therapy services located in Chesapeake, Virginia. He is a former CrossFit and Kettlebell addict and following a string of acute and overuse training injuries, became a Body By Science devotee, and eventually began training a few private clients, mainly as a hobby.

Bryce’s doctoral program focused on orthopedics, pain neuroscience and the relationship between systemic inflammation and “mechanical” disorders like tendinopathy and osteoarthritis. 

Listen to Dr. Bryce Lee’s first appearance on the podcast HERE

In this episode, Bryce describes how fatigue correlates with muscle activation, muscle activation techniques (MAT), if MAT adds value to HIT and much more.

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Show Notes

  • 1:55 – What is muscle activation?
  • 4:32 – What is arthrogenic inhibition?
  • 10:09 – Vladimir Janda’s upper and lower crossed syndromes
  • 15:07 – How muscle fatigue correlates with muscle activation?
  • 25:17 – Muscle Activation Techniques vs. Placebo Effect
  • 31:53 – Bryce’s thoughts on the emergence of many proprietary techniques
  • 42:05 – Importance of evidence in choosing effective exercises/techniques  
  • 49:58 – Why muscle activation techniques or proprietary techniques are prevalent
  • 54:01 – Why muscle activation techniques aren’t that popular in HIT
  • 57:15 – How muscle activation techniques adds value to HIT
  • 1:01:18 – Bryce’s thoughts on the evolution and diversity of fitness studios
  • 1:05:06 – How to recognize that you’re going beyond your level of expertise as a trainer
  • 1:17:44 – How Bryce makes his revenue streams efficient

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  • Great podcast. I’m a former MAT student of this muscle testing. Touch for Health and Neuro-Kinetic Therapy are just like MAT, they all stole the information from Alan Beardall who was a chiropractor.

  • So you went to Youtube for your first introduction to MAT to find out what it’s all about? Youtube? Instead of to MAT’s own website to learn about the science and the official material? Sounds legit.

    I listened to as much of this interview as I could, and frankly, Dr. Bryce is definitely not an expert in what MAT is. Not even a little bit. He only has a rudimentary understanding of the science of what goes into MAT. In fact, many of the aspects that you and he covered were completely incorrect as to the science, the concepts, the techniques and the system as a whole.

    Dr. Bryce states he believes MAT exists to address pain? That’s 100% incorrect. MAT practitioners do not address pain; they address and correct muscular weakness in the human body. That’s it. So it’s actually embarrassing for this guest to literally be incorrect in his foundational belief right off the bat of the interview. If the thesis is incorrect, how can the rest of the content be correct?

    MAT is a modality that is similar to chiropractic, etc. It is science based, and has evidence to back it up. To dismiss it or any modality as “not being peer reviewed” is poor logic. Are only therapies that are peer reviewed or approved by Western Medicine the only ones to be taken seriously? Of course not; that’s an elitist, insecure, proud worldview to embrace. Herbs and nutraceuticals actually work, but Western Medicine scoffs at them. I guess similar to your guest, Western docs would ascribe a placebo effect to those who have true result to nutraceuticals. That’s lazy thinking.

    So interviewer: Why have a guest on to talk about MAT when he is obviously not an expert in the system at all? Is it to further your own confirmation bias against MAT?

    I highly recommend getting the founder of MAT on your podcast for an interview to, you know, really get the inside story on Muscle Activation Techniques. That, plus digging into MuscleActivation.com yourself for the science behind everything.

    MAT professionals generally believe that all modalities have their place, and can be effective. They believe MAT is a useful adjunct to other modalities. They never claim MAT is a “cure” or the end all be all. Such comments were alluded to in this interview, and frankly, it’s border line hearsay. Thankfully, most professionals the world over are publicly respectful and treat each other with professional courtesy, regardless of their practice, business, etc. Unfortunately, the individuals in this interview did not reciprocate.

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