60 – Anti-Aging Secrets From An Elite Personal Trainer

Andrew and Tierney
Andrew and Tierney are in fantastic shape. I can’t believe this guy is turning 50.

Andrew Shortt is an experienced Master Fitness Clinician™ and one of very few to have achieved the status under IART (International Association of Resistance Training) Founder, Brian D. Johnston. Furthermore, he has been a natural fitness athlete with the IDFA over the past 7 years. Academically, Andrew was three-time IART Fitness Clinician™ of the year and has contributed a large amount of material to the IART portfolio, most notably The Zone Training™ trilogy which he co-authored with Brian D. Johnston.

Contact Andrew at WeFit.ca

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Andrew’s thoughts on optimising muscular hypertrophy; specifically how to coax the last 10% of gains.
  • The issues with a one size fits all approach to diet and why it must be individualised.
  • Andrew’s strategies and techniques for anti-aging including stress management and mitigating EMF.
  • His thoughts on negative-only training and the potential for negative long-term effects.
  • And much more.

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This episode is also brought to you by, former guest, and health and sleep coach, Alex Fergus. Alex has worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life to help them fall asleep faster and improve their sleep quality, as well as, optimise fat loss, muscle gain, overall health and energy level.

Alex is an accomplished athlete, representing New Zealand in rowing, winning national bodybuilding titles and breaking powerlifting records. He’s absolutely ripped and strong as an ox, and has won the Paleo f(x) RealFit competition 2 years running against some of the most fierce competition around. The first time around, he won the competition training only 15-minutes per week.

Alex attributes much of his success to optimising his sleep. As a former chronically sleep deprived young adult, Alex pays close attention to his sleep and has invested heavily to optimise his own sleep quality for maximum benefit. Alex has devoted much of his time to researching how to improve sleep and has a ton of experience helping his clients with theirs. For a FREE 4 part sleep improvement series with tips that will revolutionise your sleep quality and help you fall asleep faster to give you more energy, improved body composition and better well-being, sign up here.

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Show Notes

  • Andrew Shortt’s exercise background – how it all began [07:20]
  • Why Andrew doesn’t like using MedX machines [12:55]
  • The surprising thing about “tough guys” who try HIT [18:14]
  • One of the biggest problems in the HIT community [20:10]
  • Andrew’s thoughts on the optimal protocol for muscular hypertrophy [20:40]
  • Andrew thoughts on Art De Vany’s latest content to sweep the internet [31:45]
  • Andrew’s High-Carb diet [36:35]
  • The biggest mistake Andrew see’s people make in their nutrition [40:33]
  • Does Andrew count calories? [42:50]
  • What is Andrew doing for anti-aging? [47:20]
  • Andrew’s thoughts on negative-only training [57:20]
  • Andrew’s thoughts on EMF and other environmental stress factors [1:00:45]
  • Andrew’s thoughts on cold therapies such as ice and cold showers [1:12:55]
  • Andrew’s fascination for trail running [1:14:20]
  • Best way to contact Andrew [1:17:00]

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