41 – Alex Fergus – How To Beat World Class Athletes With 15-Minutes Training Per Week

Alex Fergus is a Master Personal Trainer, Serial Entrepreneur, High Intensity Training Expert, and the 2016 realFIT Champion
Alex Fergus (front row, center) during his competitive bodybuilding days (via AlexFergus.com)

Alex Fergus is a personal trainer who coaches some of Australia’s top executives, helping them look and feel amazing through natural lifestyle choices and combining ancestral protocols and modern-day science. He runs a successful personal training business and also manages several other businesses and projects successfully, such as RowFaster and Blue Blockers, on top of just having recently won the 2016 realFIT competition, which he prepared for using nothing but high-intensity training protocols.

A former competitive rower, rugby player, powerlifter, and bodybuilder, Alex is ISSN Nutrition Certified, holds a Bachelor of Management Studies (hons), is Recomp Certified, and is a Superhuman Coach, just to name some of his accomplishments and qualifications. He has also authored three books: Ultimate Fat Loss, Increase Your Testosterone Naturally!, and The Ultimate Supplement Guide – all available individually, or in a health book bundle.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Alex crushed the realFIT competition just by using HIT
  • The upsides and downsides of high-fat, low-carb diets
  • How to optimise exercise and diet for muscle growth
  • Supplementing HIT with other exercises and activities
  • Managing time and multiple businesses and projects
  • And much more!

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Show Notes

  • Alex’s story, in his own words [7:31]
  • Alex Fergus, video gamer [11:22]
  • Alex’s thoughts on genetic advantages and epigenetics [15:30]
  • Alex on what will work for most people in terms of results and muscle gains [20:29]
  • What is the realFIT competition? [21:15]
  • What is Paleo f(x)? [22:55]
  • Alex’s experience preparing for and competing in realFIT [24:24]
  • The margin between Alex in the top spot and second place [28:46]
  • The questions Alex got, how he answered them, and how people reacted [29:57]
  • How did Ben Greenfield feel about Alex beating him? [34:50]
  • How Alex does online marketing and his thoughts on social media [37:00]
  • Alex talks about his businesses and projects [41:30]
  • Alex talks about his motivations [47:36]
  • Alex on his exercise routines and how he got started with high-intensity training [52:05]
  • Alex on sprinting [56:25]
  • How does Alex approach reading, learning, and staying on top of the health & fitness world? [1:00:25]
  • On James Steele’s Bodyweight High-Intensity Training Workout [1:03:05]
  • Why does Alex think that bodyweight training is inferior to machine-based training? [1:04:45]
  • Lawrence and Alex talk about Oura Rings and measuring recovery [1:10:19]
  • Alex talks about supplementary exercises, active movement, and physical activity [1:16:30]
  • Alex on getting back into rowing [1:23:24]
  • Alex on learning more about and training for endurance [1:25:46]
  • Lawrence and Alex talk about a study on high-level endurance athletes with different diets [1:27:50]
  • Alex talks about his current diet, training routine, fasting [1:31:00]
  • Does Alex get cravings, and how does he deal with them? [1:34:01]
  • Alex talks about his meals, meal timing, and dealing with gut issues [1:37:29]
  • What is Alex’s take on optimal caloric intake and lean muscle mass gain? [1:40:35]
  • If Alex could convince everyone to start – or stop – eating one thing every day, what would it be? [1:45:54]
  • What brand of sardines does Alex recommend? [1:52:35]
  • Alex’s morning routine [1:54:36]
  • Has Alex changed his mind on anything about health and fitness recently? [1:57:00]
  • The best piece of advice that Alex has ever been given [1:57:58]

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  • Hi Scott. I just saw this comment now and and wanted to leave my feedback.

    In my own experience I found that pushing my protein intake too high would knock me out of ketosis. Despite not going near a carb, if I didn’t monitor my meat/egg/broth intake I would struggle to get into true ketosis (0.5-1.5mmol).
    In fact, the first day I measured my ketones (blood, Precision Xtra) it was after going 5 days without carbs and a overnight fast, I pricked my finger and the number came back 0.1 ! I couldn’t believe it. This then led me to cut back on my protein consumption and then I started seeing my numbers rise.

    This is purely an n=1 case study and I may have made a poor assumption based off my own personal findings, but I just wanted to shed some insight 🙂

    Thanks again for the comments and the links – I’m working through them now and I may need to update my own blog article on ketosis after reading these articles! (https://www.alexfergus.com/blog/what-everybody-ought-to-know-about-ketosis )


    • Very interesting indeed ! Well you can’t outsmart the body right , guess that’s where the process of gluconeogenesis comes in . When the body doesn’t recieve enough carbs it simply manufactures them on it’s own . Makes you realise the importance of sugar for the human body .

      • Agreed. I think too many people fear sugar and glucose. Yet glucose is a great fuel source in the body. It may not be as efficient as at for energy production, but some experts argue that the increased inefficiency from glucose burning has other health benefits.

        Anyway, I personally feel that long term keto is potentially damaging, but at the same time long term high sugar diets are also unwise!

  • Really enjoyed the podcast! I am late to it, but enjoyed the conversation. I am curious how your “diet” has evolved since your keto experiment, Alex? What are you now experimenting with, or finding works best for you?

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