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Ad Ligtvoet
Ad Ligtvoet

Ad Ligtvoet is a training instructor and former MedX therapist for Keiser Training in Aachen, Germany. He also runs his own business, Ad Ligtvoet Training Therapy Nutrition, which focuses on helping people restore metabolic health through an efficient and practical application concerning muscle training and nutrition. The exercise programme takes place at Ad’s private facility and his nutrition counselling is based on the Bodymed system.

As a young adult, Ad trained for 2-hours per day, 7-days a week. He now trains for ~15-minutes once every 4-6 days, and at 53, he looks incredible.

There was one moment during this episode where I said that in regard to optimising gains and fine tuning “some people argue against me, but I don’t really care”. That’s not true. I do care. I welcome alternative views. This was recorded quite a few months ago. It’s funny how quickly you can grow up.

You can listen to Part 1 HERE

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The different high intensity training facilities and machines available in Europe.
  • A detailed look at Ad’s 5-way split.
  • The difference between workout optimisation and maximisation
  • … and much, much more


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  • Although I don’t think I gained much new information from this particular podcast, it was enjoyable to listen to the conversation. There is value in hearing experienced people talk about the details of what they are doing, and why.

    One question: Ad mentioned something about 10 second reps at one point. So I wonder if he mostly uses Doug’s 10/10 (super slow cadence) or mostly uses Kieser’s approach (4-2-4, I think)?

  • Hey Ad, that was very nice of you, to share your experience and practices. I enjoyed listening to this conversation, thank you!
    It was very interesting to me, that you follow the “feeling” of stimulation, when working out. I have also developed such feeling of stimulation over the many years of training. But in the same time, I also more and more come to the conclusion, this feeling of Mine very often is quite subjective. At this point of time, I try to focus as much as possible prior to executing a certain exercise, remind myself why am I doing it and what is my real objective. Then I give it a go and sometimes, even after reaching mmf I would feel like I didn’t stimulate as much. But I personally do not try to fix it on the spot. I simply tell to myself, I’ll fix that next workout. Strangely enough, this approach works much better for me. I almost certainly I’ll do something more or better on the next workout, every time I didn’t do a fix. This is my experience with that matter. I currently also tend to do shorter TULs with relatively higher resistance and this way it seems more genuine to me that my muscles failed and not my mental motivation. And again it would often feel like more could be done, more thorough stimulation was needed, but when during the next workout things “suddenly” look better, it turns out that the stimulus was good enough in the end.
    I would also strongly recommend you try the ARX. You can test the lastest models of both Alpha and Omni machines at Mitolab training studio in Madrid, Spain. There is a really awesome person there, who will help you with your trip. I visited the place in May and am much satisfied with my experience. I could provide contact if you need it.

    • This episode is an example of how “wisdom is in the details”.
      Just listened to it for the 4th time. I catch something new each time.
      Thank you Lawrence and Ad for this episode.

      Ad, regarding the 2nd phase of your exercises, where you do the same exercise after a 20-60 sec pause, two questions:
      1. about how long would you say this 2nd phase of the set lasts, just a rough estimate?
      2. I can’t tell from the talk if you ever do a 3rd phase or if it is 2 phases at most. Can you clarify, please?

      Thank you very much,

  • Hi kamen,
    Thanks for asking. I agree that feeling is subjectie but I argue that one can”t leave out the subjective anyway since it us that experience the resistance. I too set up mentally what I want to experience and have some timeframe in mind but never watch the time during exercise. The afterfact of what I got regarding TUl and what I had in my mind mostly matches since not much progression is possible for me(as I explained). It couls be very well possible that regardless my feel I still could achieve the same with my workouts. But, the feel of keeping tension on the muscles and the need to increase effort from second to second without loosing the best form is what I want anyway. If ,as I talked about, I “feel” the “stimulus”wasn’t “enough or good” I jsut do the RP set. Just a little bit extra investment that gives me the “sense”‘ that it’s enough now. Needed in reality od not…….kind of getting a satisfaction for the mind……but on the otherhand one doesn’t know for sure with not doing this and then waiting for the next workout to check results.And that won’t happen any workout. Then comes also the question of…..what now? So, comes down to experience and some standardisation .
    I don’t like long TUL’s myself. If it gets toward 90 seconds this means that the first 60 seconds or so are relative light and that bores me from the start. Kind of waiting for magic t happen but it last to long.

  • Respond this way since a direct reply isn’t possible.
    Hi Greg, you are right…..nothing new under the sun. I never say that I have a ” secret ‘since I know there isn’t one. I also never want to exploit this idea of a secret, there many that do and did so and make or made a decent amount of money. Not me. So, we are indeed left with experience in the context of the specific context of the experience and experiencer. Think equipment, body structure, personal life circumstance etc. However, the stimulus itself must be adressed regardless the circumstances…….it’s the same for all of us…..nature doesn’t care about this. Otherwise one could get a Bodybuilder by cycling, the othe with swimmimg etc. It would be a matter of by luck finding out what activity matches with ones specific nature!!! But, we know that.
    I mentioned 10/10 reps because that’s what’s used at Protraining in Barcelona. I don’t use a specific rep speed and it even is a bit different depending on the machine I use. Never fastethen 5 seonds positive or negative. For legcurl e.g I get about 7 seconds positive but 5 negative. Otherwise the respite during negative is to long, even start to bore me right away.
    Kieser now uses 4-2-4-2. I don’t like that either. 2 Seconds rest in lower turnarounds do I experience with inertia/sticking and distracts my “flow” of contraction even keeping tension and good form. However, good form is one aspect why Kieser uses this cadence. But that has to do with the fact that many didn’t use good form to begin with IMO.

  • I may have the chance to work in Barcelona (goddamn Brexit pending) next year, will have to stop by Protraining!

  • Still can’t post a reply!!
    Hi Andrew,
    That’s cool, working in Barcelona! For a Spanish company? Anyway, visiting Protraining will be worth the time. Let us know.

  • Hi Ad,

    Excellent podcast – tons of wisdom and gems in here. I’ll definitely be re-listening to it.

    Do you mind explaining what your two leg routines are? I think you only mentioned one in this podcast:
    -Leg press
    -Leg curl
    -Leg press
    -Neck ext / flex

    What’s the other one?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Scott,
    OME calves
    seated legcurl
    leg extension
    OME squat
    abdominal ( reverse crunch)
    Thanks for listening.

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