259 – How to Sell and Deliver Virtual Personal Training

Lawrence Neal describes how to sell and deliver virtual personal training
Lawrence Neal, Founder High Intensity Business

In this podcast, I describe how to sell and deliver Virtual Personal Training services. Virtual training is an important service to explore during this difficult time to protect your business, retain clients, continue to drive revenue, and actually reach more people outside your local area.

As well as helping you get through the lockdown, virtual personal training training can help you grow your business significantly and/or allow you to create a different kind of business with less overhead and more flexibility.

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Show Notes

  • 2:15 – Pivot your business with virtual personal training
  • 8:26 – Built up client habits
  • 10:13 – Low friction sign up and efficient call-to-action
  • 17:30 – Video content, testimonials and unique selling points
  • 22:30 – Keep in touch with email
  • 27:14 – Deliver your virtual personal training
  • 34:19 – Convert and ask for the sale
  • 36:04 – Update and automate your system

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