Introducing The Formula To Build A $1,000,000+ High Intensity Training Business

Our membership community has the top high intensity training business owners and practitioners, including icons like Luke Carlson, Adam Zickerman, Dr Doug McGuff, Jeff Tomaszewski, Skyler Tanner, and James Fisher PhD.

Now, you can leverage their expertise and our exclusive blueprints to radically improve your studio profitability.

You get:

  • Proven, step by step blueprints (MP3s and PDFs) on lead generation, marketing, sales, retention, hiring, scaling, systematizing, productivity, pricing & packaging, personal training and everything else you need to explode your high intentisty training business fast.
  • The "inside scoop" of what's working now in HIT business.
  • Immediate access to checklists, forms, systems, manuals, SOPs, and other resources used by the best in HIT business.
  • Monthly Q&As with the top HIT business owners, practitioners, and exercise scientists.
  • Exclusive access to a high-calibre community of HIT entrepreneurs.
  • Updates about the latest HIT events.
  • Personal concierge from the founder, Lawrence Neal, to help you get results quickly.
  • Not for trolls or "excuse-makers": You must meet the 4 criteria mentioned on this page.

Here's what current members have to say:

Wayne Thacker

"Lawrence has helped connect me to the best people in this business. Having HIT Business Membership is so valuable and I look forward to working with Lawrence for years to come. My journey is just beginning. Lawrence, thank you for everything, you don't even know what you've done for me!"

Wayne Thacker, Owner, Quick Fit Indiana

Bryce Lee

"Thanks to the knowledge Lawrence has assembled, I started my studio and I'm so glad I did! Things are happening fast, and I continue to rely on Lawrence's work to grow and sustain my business. When a peer is ready to start their own business, I send them to Lawrence's work without hesitation. My own business wouldn't be what it is without him!"

Bryce Lee, Owner, StrengthSpace

Kyle Recchia

"We have found the ultimate, objective resource for growing our fitness business and educating our people! I am so thankful for the work that Lawrence does, and that we have access to some of the most brilliant minds in existence. I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone interested in learning and growing their business!"

Kyle Recchia, Chief Operating Officer, The Perfect Workout

The HIT Business dilemma...

For years you've been dreaming about opening your own studio...

And finally, you're there. 

You love your new MedX and Nautilus machines and you visualize a busy line of clients going through each exercise station.

You imagine a team of motivated trainers providing a consistently excellent service to your happy clients.

You imagine a highly profitable well-oiled machine.

You are SO EXCITED to start changing lives!

But then reality kicks in.....

You're open for business but you're not getting enough prospects through the door.

You discover that fitness is a very competitive industry.

You don't have the messaging and marketing budgets or the physical presence of the more established and bigger facilities.

There aren't many HIT studios around, so you don't know how to price and package your services. You have no-one to really benchmark against or learn from.

You're not sure how to effectively generate leads and you're struggeling to actually convert prospects who do show up. 

It's frustrating, because you know that your service is the most effective solution in the area. It's the best thing for everyone.

Why doesn't everyone else realize that?!

You may be struggling to get results with clients and keep them interested, engaged, and motivated.

And to make things worse, you don't know the best way to on-board and retain great trainers to grow your business.

You're training all the clients yourself. You are STRESSED and overwhelmed. 

You don't have time to work ON the business.

How are you going to keep the doors open if you can't get and retain clients?

You worry you're going to have to shut shop and return to your old life.

Blair Wilson

"Being apart of the HIT Business Membership community not only provides you with the information needed to navigate this crazy world, but it also gives you access to your peers who are either dealing with the same questions, or have solved that problem before.  

From switching over to auto-pay to mapping out target demographics; the membership, and it's members, have been a valuable resource for my team, and my business successes."

Blair Wilson, Owner, MedX Precision Fitness

Is it possible to build a $1,000,000+ Business in HIT!?

In short, YES.

Just look at The Perfect Workout, Kieser Training or fit20, or smaller businesses like Discover Strength, Muscles in Motion, and MedX Precision Fitness.

These are all highly profitable, thriving HIT businesses.

There are common themes among them. There is a pattern to their success.

Success leaves clues.

The challenge for HIT business owners like you, is that there has never been (before now) a solution tailored to a HIT business like yours.

Never before, have you been able to get a look under the hood of the most successful HIT businesses, and see exactly how they do it.

Sure, there's lots of fitness business courses out there. But they will just throw a bunch of generic business training material at you. Material that's geared towards conventional gyms with boot camps, cardio machines, and battle ropes.

They don't understand how to sell high intensity strength training, how to package HIT personal training, or how to optimize a HIT business operation.

You need a guide who understands YOU and your HIT Business.  

Owen Dockham needed know persuasion. He knew that by working with me, he would propel his business forward.

He joined HIT Business Membership — where we provide proven HIT business blueprints from HIT business leaders.

Owen implemeted new systems from the membership around scheduling and membership pricing at his two locations. 

In just 10 months ater opening, he was grossing over $20,000/month from one location and continuining to grow week-on-week.

Where else can you get tailored solutions for your HIT business?

Owen Dockham

"In just 10 months after opening, my business partner and I are consistently grossing over $20,000 a month from one location, and continuing to grow each week. All our systems have been upgraded by the knowledge gained from HIT Business Membership."

Owen Dockham, CEO, Live Oak Strength and Co-Founder, EverStrongSF

The "secret marketing tactic"

At the moment, you're probably run off your feet trying to do everything.

Perhaps you are trying to find that "magic" marketing tactic that is going to create a line out your door.

It doesn't exist.

What most HIT Business owners don't know is that marketing starts with finding your narrow Target Market. And understanding exactly who they are and what they need.

Everything in your business should be tailored to your target market – from the workout experience, to every online interaction, to how they transact payment. Everything.

It's the same for your differentiators or "3 uniques". These have to describe how you're Different to your competition in a way that resonates with your target market.

Only after you have implemented the points above, should you even think about Facebook Ads, Brochures, or Instagram.

Stop re-inventing the wheel

One of the things I see time and time again is a lack of systems and processes.

Systems and processes are how you do everything in your business. You will not get your company to the next level by keeping your processes in your head and winging it as you go or worse re-inventing the steps each time.

You may be doing that right now and I bet it's stressful and tiring.

You should be documenting every process in your business ready for a service provider, software, or your team to take over.

Once you apply this correctly, it works like magic.

Clear and refined processes result in simplicity, scalability, efficiency, and greater profitability.

It's all about Client Retention

Not many people do resistance exercise.

The fitness industry is hyper competitive, and people will often opt for something easier or a "sweat-sesh", like spinning, jogging, or swimming.

It's due to the above and probably a lack of proactive and reactive retention, which is making it difficult for you to keep hold of your clients.

There is one other feature, which is absolutely critical for high retention – High-Quality Workouts

Maybe your workouts just aren't good enough?

This might be a sensitive topic for you. It really hits the ego.

The reality is that most HIT business operators need to upgrade the workout and provide more novelty.

The umbrella of HIT principles allows you to remain evidence-based whilst providing a ton of variety during the workout in terms of movement speed, exercise order, and advanced techniques.

Your clients don't care about your machines as much as you do....

You LOVE your Medex and Nautilus machines. You LOVE your ARX.

But guess what? Your clients probably don't care.


Parading your machines and lecturing your new clients on the history of high-intensity training is not going to work. 

So what do your clients care about?

They care that you LISTEN to them. They need you to understand their goals and needs. They want you to tailor your service and interaction to them.

Equipment like MedX, Nautilus, and ARX are wonderful and very effective at getting the job done, but they will not build a successful business for you.

Entrepreneurship is hard. That's OK!

It's not entirely your fault. It's a really confusing world out there.

The health and fitness business how-to is a BIG market. There are lots of online courses and subscriptions to choose from to help your business. 

There's a lot of charlatans, but there are also those who are well intentioned and can work well.

You're a proactive business owner and you're happy to invest in solutions to help you grow your business. And so you invest in a few of these programs.

You start off feeling super motivated to learn and implement. But this soon fizzles out.

They all suffer from the same problem – they don't understand high intensity training business. They don't understand YOUR business.

The next online program advert pops up on your computer. You invest again, only to repeat the cycle.

Countless courses make it confusing, but even if you get that right, let's not play it down.... 

Entrepreneurship is Hard.

Regardless of how motivated or intelligent you are, you're going to have tough times.

If you're not prepared to go through some hardship, entrepreneurship is not for you.

You need to be resilient and have the right atittude.

One of the hardest things about becoming an entrepreneur is going from having one role (as an employee) to many roles.

Your training clients, making sales, doing marketing, managing finance, and the list goes on.

In the beginning, you may have to learn how to manage these responsibilites whilst growing your business. 

Needless to say, when you start a HIT Business, there's a lot riding against you.

That's why you need a community of like-minded HIT entrepreneurs and proven HIT business blueprints to help you.

You need a one-stop shop for all your HIT Business needs.

Let's turn things around...

If you take this new path. A path I will soon introduce you to. 

You can expect to put an end to:

  • Not knowing how to get a steady stream of clients
  • Losing trainers
  • Losing clients
  • Not knowing how to scale effectively
  • The overwhelm of not knowing the best way to grow your business
  • Grinding 24/7
  • Not knowing how to transition away from training clients yourself


And instead, you’ll enjoy:

  • A steady stream of high quality new clients
  • Long term client retention
  • Loyal and motivated employees
  • More free time
  • More profit
  • Reduced stress

And ultimately, help you grow our business from 6 to 7-figures and beyond, without working yourself to the bone.

How to Build the $1,000,000+ Studio

Hi, I’m Lawrence Neal, Founder of High Intensity Business. 

In the past five years, we've helped many high intensity training entrepreneurs start and build successful HIT businesses.  

Right now, we have 60+ clients generating an average of $500,000/year within the HIT Business Membership community. Including many top names you probably know.

HIT Business Membership combines the collective experience and expertise from the best in the HIT industry. We are uniquely qualified to help you grow your business:

  • We host the #1 HIT podcast "High Intensity Business" (formerly "Corporate Warrior") with 15,000+ monthly listeners. 
  • We collaborate with the top HIT entrepreneurs like Luke Carlson (Owner, Discover Strength $4,000,000+ per year), Kyle Reccia (COO, The Perfect Workout $20,000,000+ per year), and Patrik Meier (COO, Kieser Training $193,000,000 per year).
  • We have built a thriving community with the biggest names in HIT and ambitious entrepreneurs at all levels like Jeff Tomazsewki (Max Strength), Blair Wilson (MedX Precision Fitness), and Ann-Marie Anderson (Ideal Exercise and Seattle HIT).
  • I have 10 years experience in complex B2B technology sales, generating $10,000,000+ in contract revenue. I have a strong sales and business acumen, which I can use to help you with your HIT Business.
High Intensity Business Podcast
Sales Awards

What you’ll get:

Instant Access to Unique High-Value Content  

HIT Business Membership is the one place we put all of our top information products.  

Learn the essentials of growing a high intensity training business, including sales and marketing, client and trainer retention, operations management and systems, personal training, equipment acquisition, building a great team, and much, much more. 

Content contributors include successful high intensity training business owners, executives, and leading exercise scientists including Luke Carlson, Hannah Stael von Holstein, Kyle Recchia, Dr Doug McGuff, James Fisher PhD, and many more.

Blueprints include: 

How To Generate More Leads

This is where you use proven blueprints from HIT industry experts to create a business with a strong lead generation system, which attracts lots of high quality clients to your business.

Content includes:

  • How to do a "Rifle Shot" to find Effective Marketing and Products for your Business
  • How to Generate 200 Leads with Event Marketing
  • How To Pre-Qualify Leads and Create Effective Marketing Campaigns
  • How To Get More Clients With PR
  • How To Get Referrals
  • How To Get Client Testimonials
  • How To Drive Prospects To Your HIT Business With Facebook Ads
  • How To Find And Advertise To Your Target Market

How To Convert More Sales

This is where you can create the systems from the best in HIT business to help you close >70% of your introductory consultations or workouts.

Content includes:

  • How To Sell And Retain With The Proven Process
  • How To Overcome Sales Objections
  • How To Handle Objections And Generate More Sales In Your ARX Business

How To Retain Clients

This is where you learn how to reactively and proactively retain your clients, which is the key to growing a highly profitable HIT business.

Content includes:

  • How To Retain Your Clients
  • How To Drive Retention and Referrals With Seminars
  • How To Maximise Seminar Attendance
  • The Importance Of Tracking And Communicating Client Performance For Increased Buy In And Adherence

How To Price & Package Services Effectively

Price and package your products and services to attracts the best clients, increase buyer frequency, and generate maximum profit for your business.

Content includes:

  • How To Raise Prices
  • 1-on-1 Personal Training Vs Group Training Vs Unsupervised Training
  • How To Create A Profitable Protein Shake Revenue Stream
  • How To Create Premium Monthly Memberships
  • How To Create A Highly Profitable Nutrition Service In Your Business

How To Scale Your Business

Create the systems and processes so that your business can run WITHOUT you, whilst maximising efficiency and customer experience.

Content includes:

  • How to Transition Away from Training Clients
  • How To Scale To Multiple Locations
  • How to Manage your Business Remotely
  • How To Efficiently Utilise Your Exercise Machine Lines For Maximum Profit
  • How To Figure Out Your 1-on-1 Session Length
  • How To Create Effective and Lucrative Small Group Training Sessions
  • How To Run Effective Meetings That Drive Results In Your Business
  • How To Manage Your Team For Optimal Results
  • How To Drive Results In Your Team With Goal Setting And Coaching

How To Build A Great Team

Attract only the highest quality candidates to your business and efficiently select the best fit using proven recruitment processes. This is also where you create compensation plans to keep your best trainers happy and maximise business growth.

Content includes:

  • How To Find The Best People For Your Business
  • How to Create Win-Win Personal Trainer Compensation Plans
  • How to Recruit Great Trainers

Improve Your Personal Training

Cultivate you and your teams personal training skills by learning how to execute every area of personal training to help your clients stay interested, engaged, and get the best results.

  • How to Instruct a HIT Workout
  • How To Answer Questions And Customise Workouts For Clients With Orthopaedic Issues
  • How to Personal Train the Neck
  • How To Explain HIT To New Clients
  • How To Get Great Client Results With MedX Machines
  • Personal Training Communication Skills And Habits To Drive More Sales, Referrals, And Retention
  • How To Use Advanced Training Techniques
  • Why You Should Push Clients To Muscular Failure
  • How To Instruct And Overcome Objections To Strength Training For the Lower Back

Connect with 60+ High-Performing HIT Entrepreneurs

You get access to over 60 HIT entrepreneurs around the world.

You can ask questions, get feedback, and find out what’s working for them now. And use their hard-won knowledge to shortcut your success even more. 

Many of our members earn over 6-figures in their businesses. Several have even passed the $2,000,000/year mark. 

Together, they represent a variety of HIT businesses from non-studio operators to 100+ studio locations. Business types include traditional MedX/Nautilus based HIT Studios, Smart Gyms (ARX, Pheonix, Vasper, CAR.O.L), Franchisors, and Startups (basic equipment and mobile/big box HIT personal trainers).

Kieser Training

Leverage the expertise of members like:

Luke Carlson

Luke Carlson

CEO & Founder, Discover Strength

Dr Doug McGuff

Dr Doug McGuff

ER Physician, Owner, Ultimate Exercise, and co-author of Body By Science

Skyler Tanner

Skyler Tanner

Exercise Physiologist and Owner, Smart Strength, Austin

Dr James Fisher

James Fisher PhD

Leading exercise scientist focused primarily on resistance training

Owen Dockham

Owen Dockham

CEO, Live Oak Strength and Co-Founder, EverstrongSF

Blair Wilson

Blair Wilson

Owner, MedX Precision Fitness

Simon Shawcross

Simon Shawcross

High-Intensity Trainer and Owner,

Jeff Tomaszewski

Jeff Tomaszewski

Owner, MaxStrength Fitness

Access Live Monthly Q&As with Experts

Each month we conduct a live Q&A. You can attend and ask questions live with successful HIT business owners, executives, and exercise scientists. We record every Q&A for future reference. When you join, you can go back through the prior recordings which will be instantly available to you. 

This is an incredibly opportunity to ask successful HIT business operators how to overcome ANY challenge in your business.

And you will be able to ask the greatest exercise minds (that understand HIT) how to find solutions to EVERY personal training challenge.

Access to these individuals would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars in online consultations and events.

BONUS – If you prefer to read than listen, we have fully transcribed all content. Enjoy your training in word-for-word transcribed PDFs. Otherwise, we have created MP3 audio downloadable trainings so can get training on the go.  

We don’t make you wait for a weekly email with training videos. Inside the forum, you’ll have instant access to all the audio files, PDFs, periodically updated, neatly organized in one place!

Live Monthly Q&A

Private Coaching with Lawrence

You will get a presonalised service from Lawrence Neal in your own private members area.  

Here is how the coaching works:  

You start a private coaching discussion thread in our private forum. Only you and Lawrence can see this discussion.

Lawrence will help answer your most pressing questions, help you find the solutions you need and even create content specifically for you.  

Together you can plan your business, grow it profitably and in private.

Lawrence Neal Coaching
Joel Yakowitz

"My favourite features are the 1-on-1 support from Lawrence and the business systems information."

Joel Yakowitz, Owner, Body Science/Dexafit Seattle

A recap of everything you get when you join HIT Business Membership...

When you join HIT Business Membership, you get: 

  • Immediate access to 88 (and counting) HIT Business Blueprints (MP3s and PDFs)
  • Immediate access to HIT Business and Personal Training Resources (templates, checklists, systems, manuals, etc)
  • Live monthly Q&As with HIT entrepreneurs, veteran personal trainers, and exercise scientists
  • Instant, private access to a community of 60+ high-performing HIT entrepreneurs and trainers
  • One-on-one coaching from Lawrence Neal via private forum thread
  • Access to the best products and services available to help you grow your business
  • Invitations to HIT meetups and events
Matt Nairn

"Owning a personal training business has various challenges that include issues with pricing, scheduling, working with specific clients, etc. Lawrence's podcasts have helped me get focused on what is really essential, and my business continues to benefit from his advice.”  

Matt Nairn, Owner, Mint Fitness

Luke Carlson

"Listening to the High Intensity Business regularly over the last few years has allowed me to simultaneous learn from, feel connected to, and be challenged by a wide variety of resistance training thought leaders. Lawrence has connected me to a community that both challenges my current thinking and continually fuels my passion for all things HIT."

Luke Carlson, Founder and CEO, Discover Strength

But first, you must qualify...

HIT Business Membership is a community of high-calibre, positive, ambitious entrepreneurs, and we want to keep it that way.

Below are the 4 criteria you must meet in order to become a HIT Business Member.  

1) You’re driven

You have a strong drive to succeed and develop yourself as an entrepreneur. 

You have a powerful 'WHY'.

The fact is, there will be times when things get tough. If you don’t have a powerful “why” driving you, there isn’t much we can do for you.  

2) You’re not just looking to “get rich quick”  

This isn’t about making a quick buck. It’s about better serving your customers. And creating a thriving business that runs without you.  

Some of my members do end up making a lot of money quickly. But that’s because they enjoy at least some part of their work. And they care about delivering a top-notch service to their clients.

If all you care about is your bank account, this won’t be a good fit.

3) You have a stable income or savings  

If you are down to your last few grand, this isn’t for you. 

4) You have the right mindset

We celebrate success, provide constructive criticism when needed, and help one another.

If you're closed minded, looking to press your opinion onto others, or can't take constructive criticism, this community is not for you.

Gain instant access to all these resources and take the guesswork out of making your HIT business more profitable

Get instant access to the content and the exclusive HIT Business community with thought leaders and successful HIT business owners who will help you take your business to the next level.

The Membership investment is $79 USD Per Month or $699 USD for the First Year ($599 USD per year from year 2 onwards).

Ed Collins from Simply Strong

"By listening to the podcasts from other studio owners/operators experiences building their business and brand, I have picked up real "pearls" that have had an impact on my thinking and specific business practices that have been of tremendous value to me personally and helped our business grow and thrive. Thank you Lawrence for High Intensity Business."

Ed Collins, Owner, SIMPLY STRONG

Get a clear path to your $1,000,000+ studio business, starting today....

Look, you can continue to hustle and grind and try and do things the old way.

You can buy that generic fitness business book, join a generic fitness business mastermind, or that generic fitness business course, but most likely you will continue to be overwhelmed.

You may get so stressed out and overowrked that you start to decline physically. How ironic, since you started this business to improve people's health using yourself as an example to others.

There is no reason to undermine your health when doing this business.

You now have access to a new solution.

You can join HIT Business Membership, where you get access to a one-stop-shop with everything you need to know to build the high-intensity training busines you've dreamed about.

HIT Business Membership is the ONLY online resource where all the content, community, monthly Q&As, and coaching is tailored to your specific business, high intensity strength training. 

You no longer have to try and apply generic fitness business concepts to your business. Now you have acess to proven solutions that work in a HIT Business time and time again.

Now you have the formula to build a highly profitable high-intensity training business, which helps you become independently wealthy, live passionately, and make your mark on the world.

And you can do all that whilst working reasonable hours, spending time with your family, and getting your weekends back.

HIT Business Membership has helped members do just that and dramatically increase their productivity.

The sooner you join HIT Business Membership. The sooner we can do that for you.

I look forward to working with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My next step is to hire and grow. Does your service provide blueprints for already established HIT studios?

A: Yes, the membership provides blue prints (MP3s and PDFs) on how to build a successful team, grow your client base, set up systems and processes, and much more.

Q: How long is the term and what currency are you using?

A: The minimum term is one month and the currency is in US Dollars. Members can sign up on a monthly term or get a great saving on an annual term.

Q: What platform do you use for the Live Monthly Q&A and what day is it scheduled?

A: The Q&A experts are typically leading researchers and HIT entrepreneurs, and we do our best to schedule a mutually beneficial time for the attendees and the expert guest. We schedule a day towards the end of every month. All Live Q&As are recorded for future reference and for members who are unable to attend. We use GoToWebinar software to host the Q&A. GoToWebinar are the market leader in webinar software and provide a great user experience.

Q: Just curious to know if you have ascension programmes within membership?

A: Once you become a member, you get instant access to everything. There are no additional fees or ascension programs (upselling of premium programs). We may ocassionally promote relevant offers from our partners (sometimes at a reduced price) that will add value to your HIT business.

The HIT Business Membership has helped many people start and grow their HIT business

Matthew Carstens

"When I first started listening to High Intensity Business, it almost felt like I was hosting the show, because almost every question Lawrence asked was exactly what I wanted to know. Lawrence's passion for entrepreneurship and health have helped me launch my own High Intensity Training business, as well as get me into the best shape of my life.”  

Matt Carstens, Owner, Efficient Fitness

Jack Dresnick

"My goal is to become a great trainer. the information in the membership on exercise instructions and marketing (ultimately this boils down to effectively articulating HIT -- which I find myself attempting with clients in myriad ways), is all solid gold.  

It's magical how you've gathered so many expert voices in a single hub.”  

Jack Dresnick, Co-Owner, Express Strength

Robin Wright

"YOU are amazing!!!! You energy is intoxicating. I sincerely appreciate all you have to offer. You are an amazing resource. The investment you provide is so personal. Thank you for all you have done."  

Robin Wright, Personal Trainer, Main Street Fitness

Michael Fach

"Having access to all the high class information and different attitudes and approaches to the high intensity training business is unique on the internet."

Michael Fach, Owner, X90Seconds

Amanda Lopez

"I love being able to share ideas, knowledge and approaches with other trainers that are focused on the HIT approach to strength and conditioning. Interacting with like minded folks in the health and wellness field is refreshing, especially with how much of the "popular approaches" to conditioning are not as inclusive for all health and strength levels as HIT is.”

Amanda Lopez, EverStrongSF

Cassandra Av

"HIT business membership has helped achieved and overcome the roadblocks towards being an independent HIT entrepreneur. It has given me the tools and resources to tackle the challenges in building a HIT business. I'm pretty sure without it, my business would of never been able to take off. The content in here is like stumbling into the Alexandria Library of HIT and HIT Business. Not only that, but the community in here has been so helpful and willing to share their experiences. I find that getting a membership would be akin to having access to a goldmine of valuable knowledge. Not only that, but it is ever expanding because of Lawrence's efforts and the contribution of the members. Just like Florence, Italy was the hotspot of the Renaissance movement, the HIT Business membership is the Renaissance of HIT Business and Training. To those who hear the call to action from HIT, here is the invitation to be a part of the HIT Renaissance revolution!"

Cass Av, Owner and Trainer of Innate Strength Personal Training

Owen Dockham

"HIT Business membership has become the most valuable investment I have made in my businesses to date. It has given me access to the strategies, systems and wisdom of the strength training industry’s top performers, and given me practical tools that I have been able to apply to my businesses immediately."

Owen Dockham, CEO, Live Oak Strength and Co-Founder, EverStrongSF

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