The HIT Business Membership will Help you Grow your High Intensity Strength Training Business!

Get direct access to HIT business experts

When you join the HIT Business Membership, you get access to an engaging community that will help you implement proven business strategies to grow your business faster.

  • Learn how Discover Strength acquire and retain new clients with their Proven Process, Monthly Seminars, and Trainer Relationships
  • Find out how Rock Solid Fitness acquire lots of client testimonials and referrals
  • Learn how MEDFitness created a highly profitable nutrition service to compliment personal and group training
  • Learn how The Perfect Workout hire and develop great teams
  • And much, much more

What you’ll get:

Membership business content

Instant Access to High-Value Content

The HIT Business Membership is the one place we put all of our top information products. Learn the essentials of growing a high intensity training business, including sales and marketing, client and trainer retention, operations management and systems, personal training, equipment acquisition, building a great team, and much, much more.

Content contributors include successful high intensity training business owners, executives, and leading exercise scientists including Luke Carlson, Kyle Recchia, Bill Crawford, James Fisher PhD, Skyler Tanner, Hannah Stael von Holstein, James Steele PhD, Simon Shawcross, Brandon Jonker, Mike Petrella, Jeff Tomaszewski, Wayne Westcott PhD, Dana Wiltshire, Richard Wolff, Doug Holland, and many more.

Access Live Monthly Q&A with Experts

Each month we conduct a live Q&A. You can attend and ask questions live with successful HIT business owners, executives, and exercise scientists. We record every Q&A for future reference. When you join, you can go back through the prior recordings which will be instantly available to you.  

BONUS – If you prefer to read than listen, we have fully transcribed all content. Enjoy your training in word-for-word transcribed PDFs. Otherwise, we have created MP3 audio downloadable trainings so can get training on the go.  

We don’t make you wait for a weekly email with training videos. Inside the forum, you’ll have instant access to all the audio files, PDFs, periodically updated, neatly organized in one place!

Luke Carlson
Lawrence Neal

Your Own Private Coaching and Support with Lawrence

You will get a presonalised service from Lawrence Neal in your own private members area.

Here is how the coaching works:  

You start a private coaching discussion thread in our private forum. Only you and Lawrence can see this discussion. Lawrence will help answer your most pressing questions, help you find the solutions you need and create content specifically for you. Together you can plan your business, grow it profitably and in private.

Gain instant access to all these resources and take the guesswork out of making your HIT business more profitable

Get instant access to the content and the exclusive HIT Business community with thought leaders and successful HIT business owners who will help you take your business to the next level.

The Membership investment is $79 Per Month or $699 USD for the first year and $599 USD per year from year 2 onwards.

Give me instant access!

Leverage the expertise of members like

Skyler Tanner

Skyler Tanner

Exercise Physiologist and Owner, Smart Strength, Austin

Dr James Fisher

James Fisher PhD

Leading exercise scientist focused primarily on resistance training

Simon Shawcross

Simon Shawcross

High-Intensity Trainer and Owner,

Dr Doug McGuff

Dr Doug McGuff

ER Physician, Owner, Ultimate Exercise, and co-author of Body By Science

Owen Dockham

Owen Dockham

CEO, Live Oak Strength and Co-Founder, EverstrongSF

Blair Wilson

Blair Wilson

Owner, MedX Precision Fitness

Jeff Tomaszewski

Jeff Tomaszewski

Owner, MaxStrength Fitness

Luke Carlson

Luke Carlson

CEO & Founder, Discover Strength

The HIT Business Membership has helped many people start and grow their HIT business

Wayne Thacker

"Lawrence has helped connect me to the best people in this business. Having the HIT Business Membership is so valuable and I look forward to working with Lawrence for years to come. My journey is just beginning. Lawrence, thank you for everything, you don't even know what you've done for me!"

Wayne Thacker, Owner, Quick Fit Indiana

"Thanks to the knowledge Lawrence has assembled, I started my studio and I'm so glad I did! Things are happening fast, and I continue to rely on Lawrence's work to grow and sustain my business. When a peer is ready to start their own business, I send them to Lawrence's work without hesitation. My own business wouldn't be what it is without him!"

Bryce Lee, Owner, StrengthSpace

Bryce Lee
Matt Nairn Mint Fitness

"Owning a personal training business has various challenges that include issues with pricing, scheduling, working with specific clients, etc. Lawrence's podcasts have helped me get focused on what is really essential, and my business continues to benefit from his advice.”  

Matt Nairn, Owner, Mint Fitness

"Listening to the Corporate Warrior podcast regularly over the last few years has allowed me to simultaneous learn from, feel connected to, and be challenged by a wide variety of resistance training thought leaders. Lawrence has connected me to a community that both challenges my current thinking and continually fuels my passion for all things HIT."

Luke Carlson, Founder and CEO, Discover Strength

Luke Carlson
Owen Dockham

"The HIT Business membership has become the most valuable investment I have made in my businesses to date. It has given me access to the strategies, systems and wisdom of the strength training industry’s top performers, and given me practical tools that I have been able to apply to my businesses immediately."

Owen Dockham, CEO, Live Oak Strength and Co-Founder, EverStrongSF

"When I first started listening to Corporate Warrior, it almost felt like I was hosting the show, because almost every question Lawrence asked was exactly what I wanted to know. Lawrence's passion for entrepreneurship and health have helped me launch my own High Intensity Training business, as well as get me into the best shape of my life.”  

Matt Carstens, Owner, Efficient Fitness

Matt Carstens
Blair Wilson

"Being apart of the HIT Business Membership community not only provides you with the information needed to navigate this crazy world, but it also gives you access to your peers who are either dealing with the same questions, or have solved that problem before.  

From switching over to auto-pay to mapping out target demographics; the membership, and it's members, have been a valuable resource for my team, and my business successes."

Blair Wilson, Owner, MedX Precision Fitness

"My goal is to become a great trainer. the information in the membership on exercise instructions and marketing (ultimately this boils down to effectively articulating HIT -- which I find myself attempting with clients in myriad ways), is all solid gold.  

It's magical how you've gathered so many expert voices in a single hub.”  

Jack Dresnick, Instructor, Live Oak Strength 

Jack Dresnick
Robin Wright

"YOU are amazing!!!! You energy is intoxicating. I sincerely appreciate all you have to offer. You are an amazing resource. The investment you provide is so personal. Thank you for all you have done."  

Robin Wright, Personal Trainer, Main Street Fitness

"We have found the ultimate, objective resource for growing our fitness business and educating our people! I am so thankful for the work that Lawrence does, and that we have access to some of the most brilliant minds in existence. I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone interested in learning and growing their business!"

Kyle Recchia, Chief Operating Officer, The Perfect Workout

Kyle Recchia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My next step is to hire and grow. Does your service provide blueprints for already established HIT studios?

A: Yes, the membership provides exclusive podcasts and PDF blue prints on how to build a successful team, grow your client base, set up efficient processes, and much more.

Q: How long is the term and what currency are you using?

A: The minimum term is one month and the currency is in US Dollars. Members can sign up on a monthly term or get a great saving on an annual term.

Q: What platform do you use for the Live Monthly Q&A and what day is it scheduled?

A: The Q&A experts are typically leading researchers and entrepreneurs, and we do our best to schedule a mutually beneficial time for the attendees and the expert guest. We schedule a day towards the end of every month. All Live Q&As are recorded for future reference and for members who are unable to attend. We use GoToWebinar software to host the Q&A. GoToWebinar are the market leader in webinar software and provide a great user experience.

Q: Just curious to know if you have ascension programmes within membership?

A: Once you become a member, you get instant access to every educational resource. There are no additional fees or ascension programs (upselling of premium programs). We do promote relevant offers from our partners (typically at a reduced price) that will add value to your HIT business.

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