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Level up your Meetings to Eliminate Overwhelm, Reduce your Hours, and Supercharge your Business Growth

You need your team to be more productive to grow your business.

In order to do that you must run effective meetings to assess performance and prioritise actions.

The problem is that you think meetings are a complete waste of time because you've sat through too many mediocre meetings.

You shy away from owning effective meetings because you don't think they work. Pointless meetings just leave you feeling frustrated.

We understand how you feel.

About 4 years ago, I ended a 10-year technology sales career filled with hundreds of mediocre meetings that were a total waste of time.

Similarly, Discover Strength CEO, Luke Carlson, ran unproductive meetings in his business for years.

Once Luke and his team implemented a solid meeting strategy, Luke realised he could work just 90-minutes per week by attending this one meeting, and continue to grow a successful personal training business.

Now, in this video course, Luke is teaching you how to run meetings that transform your business and supercharge growth.

Why should you listen to Luke?

Luke Carlson is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength, a fast growing personal training business based in Minneapolis with seven studios in Minnesota. Their personal training facilities are among the highest volume and revenue training facilities in the world. They provide 30-minute personal training sessions using an evidence-based high intensity strength training approach.

Year over year,  these small studios (<2,000 square feet) generate over $1MM in revenue per studio.

Luke Carlson
Owen Dockham

"In 2015 I was driving for Lyft and Uber, doing odd jobs for extra cash, and teaching group fitness classes on the side. Fast forward 5 years, we now have a multiple 6-figure HIT facility with a steady stream of great referrals. I would not have accomplished this without help from High Intensity Business. l have implemented dozens of effective systems and tactics that I learned directly from Luke and Lawrence."

Owen Dockham, Owner, Live Oak Strength

John Zarbock

"Lawrence and Luke are incredible. Their content is the best continuing education money I spend hands down and they genuinely care about my growth and success. Their programs are so worth it!"

John Zarbock, Owner, BioFit

What You'll Learn In This Course

Total Running Time 40 minutes

  • Why effective meetings are critical to your business success.
  • How you can significantly reduce your work hours by batch processing issues, ideas, and opportunities.
  • How to structure and run meetings to perfection.
  • How to start meetings with positive energy and get your team excited to participate.
  • How to identify, track and report on key metrics to prioritise and improve business performance.
  • How to prioritise your To-Do list and get the important things done.
  • How to keep participants accountable and guarantee results.
  • How to cascade messages down to the rest of the business to get the entire team moving in the same direction.

Don't shy away from owning effective meetings. This will only stump your growth and leave you feeling frustrated with your team and your business.

Instead, level up your meetings today, and start experiencing what it feels like to run meetings that produce incredible results and make your business thrive.

Price: $99 USD

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My business is just me and two trainers. Do I really need to run effective meetings?

A: This course can be applied to a very small team or a large organisation. It's important to run effective meetings to keep your staff focused on the right things and manage your overall business effectively.

Q: I don't have time for meetings.

A: The weekly 90-minute meeting is actually a huge time saver. It will result in less phone calls, emails, and interruptions during the week. You will batch process all of the key issues that week in one efficient team meeting. If you don't make time for effective meetings, your team will not be rowing in the same direction. You won't have clear priorities, and you will probably work a lot of hours and struggle to grow your business.

Q: Meetings are boring.

A: Meetings are only boring if they don't have conflict. Your meetings should have conflict. Not counter productive arguing and personal attacks, but passionate discussion over key issues in your business. This is what energises a team and drives real results.

Price: $99 USD

About Lawrence Neal

Lawrence Neal is the Founder of High Intensity Business and Co-Founder of Optima Strength, a personal training business in Galway, Ireland.

During the past six years, Lawrence has helped many high intensity training entrepreneurs start and build successful HIT businesses. Right now, he has 60+ clients within the HIT Business Membership community including many top names you probably know like Dr Doug McGuff, Adam Zickerman, and Skyler Tanner.

Lawrence Neal

Lawrence hosts the #1 HIT podcast High Intensity Business (formerly Corporate Warrior) with 10-15,000 monthly downloads. The podcast has over 300 episodes with high intensity training and fitness business experts.

Lawrence creates content with the top HIT entrepreneurs like Luke Carlson (Owner, Discover Strength $5,000,000+ revenue), Kyle Recchia (COO, The Perfect Workout $20,000,000+ revenue), and Patrik Meier (COO, Kieser Training $193,000,000 revenue).

Before going full-time on High Intensity Business, Lawrence had 10 years experience in complex B2B technology sales, generating over $10,000,000 in contract revenue.

Lawrence Neal and Dr Doug McGuff

Dr Doug McGuff and Lawrence Neal at the 2018 Resistance Exercise Conference