Advanced IART Personal Training Courses to Help you Master your Craft

Pure Physique personal training

A Pure Physique trainer using her IART knowledge to give a client a tailored training experience.

Stop feeling frustrated about the lack of certifications on offer to help you differentiate. Get comprehensive training and education around the scientific and individualized application of high intensity training.

Become the Authority on Exercise

The IART Courses will enable you to go beyond the basics of high intensity strength training (HIT) and develop highly personalised and innovative training programs.

You will become the go-to expert problem solver offering a higher professional service and ability to work with a wide range of clients.

  • Be the Authority: Get recognised as a true exercise professional by your clients and colleagues.
  • Transform your Clients: Learn the knowledge and skills to prescribe clients with exercise that delivers optimal results.
  • Grow your Fitness Business: Leverage your expertise to attract and retain clients, and build a successful fitness business.

The IART Course includes:

Fitness Clinician Level 1:

  • Included Books: Prescribed Exercise, Nutrition Protocol, Individualism, Soma, and Technical Excellence Manual.
  • Video Trainings.
  • Exams: Level I multiple choice exam, Level I written exam, Special Groups multiple choice exam, and PRAXIS technical instruction exam.

Fitness Clinician Level 1 and 2:

  • Included Books: Exercise Science: Theory & Practice, Scientific Inquiry for Fitness Clinicians, Systems Analysis, and all materials included in the Level I course.
  • Video Trainings.
  • Exams: Level II Case Study project, PRAXIS technical instruction exam. All Level I exams if not previously completed.

Packaging and pricing is made bespoke to your needs and will be discussed during your pre-enrolment call. Please book your call at the bottom of this page.

Mike Lipowski personal training

Owner of the IART, Mike Lipowski, training a client at his fitness business, Pure Physique.

We understand that HIT is the smart approach to strength training.

Today's science and research is supporting what the IART has been educating and certifying trainers to do since 1995. The IART courses are based, in part, on 20-years of study and millions of dollars in research and development, in conjunction with the University of Florida and MedX Corporation.

Here's what experts have to say:

Mike Mentzer

“If you are interested in becoming a certified trainer utilizing a sane, safe and rational approach to exercise, call the IART. Brian Johnston's work is certainly unique in the field of exercise science for, unlike the average exercise scientist with a Ph.D., he clearly possesses a broad conceptual grasp and deep intellectual understanding of all the fundamental issues (and many of the important derivative aspects) of exercise science.”

Mike Mentzer, Mr Universe

Dave Draper

"The one personal trainer certification that guarantees complete trainer knowledge, understanding and performance is the IART. It's the special ops forces of the physical fitness world. Twelve-week comprehensive hands-on case study workups and rigid testing turn out some of the best instructors on the gym floor.”

Dave Draper, Mr Universe

Dave Smith PhD

"As a sport scientist, I am very pleased to be associated with the IART. I am extremely impressed by the rigorous nature of its certification courses and the scrupulously objective, scientifically-based approach the organization takes to resistance training. This is particularly impressive when one considers the unscientific misinformation handed out by so many certification companies".

Dave Smith, Ph.D., Lecturer in Sport Psychology, Chester College, UK

Matt Brzycki

"When looking for a certification, it's important to find a quality course that's both practical and meaningful. The IART certification primarily involves in-field assignments, the student can take fitness theory and put it into practice. And unlike other organizations, the IART doesn't espouse a particular training philosophy that pigeon-holes the instructor; instead, the IART endorses a generalized philosophy that encourages its students and instructors to discover what's ideal for the client in question. The client case study development, maintenance and accountability makes this course applicable to increase the skills and problem-solving ability of those already certified and who have been working in the field for many years. Hands down, this is the most comprehensive personal trainer fitness certification in existence."

Matt Brzycki, Coordinator of Recreational Fitness and Wellness Programs, Princeton University

Mike Bradley

The IART has created a most thorough and comprehensive curriculum for the training of fitness professionals. The educational material is scientifically sound and proven in practice, the substance of which is integrated in professionalism and ethics. Mastery of the material will set a solid foundation for any person wishing to enter the field."

Michael Bradley, Florida State University, Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach

Tom Kelso

"The IART and its certification procedures are state-of-the-art. In a world replete with so many fitness organizations and certifying methods, it's refreshing to see one based on valid scientific research, comprehensiveness, and realistic implementation. Although thorough and highly technical (which in truth it should be relative to all the fads, fallacies, and half-truths that exist in the fitness industry), those who accept the challenge and adhere to the principles of the organization and its certification standards will be in an elite class of fitness professionals."

Tom Kelso, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Saint Louis University

Ken Mannie

"The IART confronts all of the major controversies and issues with scientifically-based rationale and brutal honesty."

Ken Mannie, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Michigan State University

Simon Shawcross

"I have really enjoyed the process of attaining my level 1 certification and would recommend it highly to all other personal trainers and prospective personal trainers. When writing my own and my clients programs now, I am far more rigorous and demanding of myself. It is the process of truly thinking for oneself in regards to exercise prescription that is the most valuable asset of the IART qualification."

Simon Shawcross, Founder, HITuni.com

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Escape the cycle of a dogmatic approach to high intensity training, and develop the confidence and ability to deliver a unique training experience that maintains client interest whilst being grounded in science to help you grow your business.