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Build a Million-Dollar Training Gym

You don’t have to have a business degree to run a successful training gym.

You can be obsessed with the workout AND make great money doing the work you love.

Join Luke Carlson, Founder and CEO of Discover Strength, for a 3-hour course on How to Build a Million-Dollar Training Gym.

Build a Million-Dollar Training Gym

Why Luke?

Luke Carlson is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength, a fast growing personal training business based in Minneapolis with seven studios in Minnesota. Their personal training facilities are among the highest volume and revenue training facilities in the world. They provide 30-minute personal training sessions using an evidence-based high intensity strength training approach.

Year over year,  these small studios (<2,000 square feet) generate over $1MM in revenue per studio.

Now he is teaching you how to build your own Million-Dollar Training Gym.

Tim Storm

"I give this course a 10/10. Why?  With just one affirmation, I completely rethought an expansion strategy. The concept of identifying the three uniques which tie to the NPS responses really drove it home."

Tim Storm, Owner, 121 Strength Studio

This is why your growth has plateaued...

Luke talks to HIT studio owners every single day and understands the challenges you face in growing your business.

You've probably plateaued in growth because you're struggling with two or more of the following:

  • Attracting new clients
  • Generating referrals
  • Converting sales
  • Retaining good trainers
  • Retaining clients
  • Getting clients great results
  • Managing overwhelm
  • Finding time to implement systems and processes

Maybe you're struggling with all the above, which is not uncommon! They tend to feed in to each other.

Juggling these challenges and trying to grow your business is very stressful, frustrating, and sometimes feels impossible!

You need to make a change...

The problem is that you are an expert in exercise, but not necessarily in business, which at times, makes you feel inadequate or a bit unqualified to run and grow the business.

If you don't find a way to overcome the obstacles stopping you from growing your business, you will continue to feel stressed and frustrated.

You will continue to struggle to attract new clients, retain existing clients, and grow revenue and profit.

You won't be able to impact and change as many lives as you were meant to.

Luke Carlson

Luke Carlson featured in Upsize Magazine

Your earning potential is staggering...

Luke consistently hears the the same themes from colleagues in the industry:

"I love what I do, but you just can't make much money with a personal training studio."

Sound familiar?

You probably don't realise the true revenue potential of your studio.

Most owners assume that $150,000 to $300,000 in annual revenue is the upper limit.

Actually, personal training businesses are setup to make more money than virtually any model in the fitness industry.

Personal strength training combined with high revenue per unit of time combined with relatively low capital requirements, offers an incredible value proposition, and is producing businesses with higher revenue per square foot than the vast majority of fitness business models.

In reality, a 1,500 to 2,200 square foot personal training studio should easily generate $800,000 to $1,200,000 in sales.

Even smaller studios should generate more than $500,000.

Discover Strength generate over $5,000,000 in annual revenue from seven studios.

This all sounds great, but how is this possible you might ask?

It comes down to a proven system based on 8 key steps, which Discover Strength and other personal training businesses have implemented to drive massive results in their business.

Luke covers this entire system in the course below...

Introducing the Build a Million-Dollar Training Gym Video Course

Total Running Time 3 hours 18 minutes

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to develop core values that profoundly impact your business, unite your team, and drive growth.
  • How to connect the business to a greater purpose which installs a determined mentality in your team to endure difficult times.
  • How to identify a strategic niche to generate more profit in what you're best at.
  • How to set short, medium and long term goals to guarantee progress.
  • How to bring your goals down to the ground and make them a reality.
  • How to compete successfully with other gyms, classes and studios.
  • How to hire, train, and retain employees.
  • How to regain balance in your life and work.

Course Contents:

  • How do you set a vision that people will want to rally behind? In the first hour, Luke will help you set a vision for your company so that you and the rest of your employees can all be rowing in the right direction.
  • How do you set effective goals? In this next session, Luke will take your vision from theory to execution. He will help you and the rest of your team set your priorities to get more done.
  • How do you differentiate from your competition? In the 3rd session, Luke shares the process of how to discover what makes you different from your competition which will lead to your key marketing messages.
  • How do you hire, train, and retain your staff? In the last hour, Luke gives you the ultimate guide to being a great boss.

Includes a 91-Page PDF Presentation and Workbook


Price: $199 USD


About Luke Carlson

Luke is the Founder and CEO of Discover Strength, one of the fast growing personal training businesses in the US with seven studios and counting. Every year, Discover Strength's small studios (<2,000 sq ft) generate over $1MM in revenue per studio.

With hundreds of talks given across 5 continents, Luke is a prominent and highly sought after public speaker. Luke is one of the top rated Vistage speakers in North America (4.95 out of 5 rating). Luke's business speeches resonate with his audience because he's doesn’t speak from the position of a consultant or a professional speaker, but instead, from the position of a practitioner in the leadership trenches building his fitness business.

Luke has a BS and MS in Kinesiology, University of Minnesota, Executive Leadership, Strategy, and Innovation at Stanford School of Business, and Honorary Ph.D. from Solent University in Southampton, United Kingdom.

Luke Carlson

About Lawrence Neal

Lawrence Neal is the Founder of High Intensity Business and Co-Founder of Optima Strength, a personal training business in Galway, Ireland.

During the past six years, Lawrence has helped many high intensity training entrepreneurs start and build successful HIT businesses. Right now, he has 60+ clients within the HIT Business Membership community including many top names you probably know like Dr Doug McGuff, Adam Zickerman, and Skyler Tanner.

Lawrence Neal

Lawrence hosts the #1 HIT podcast High Intensity Business (formerly Corporate Warrior) with 10-15,000 monthly downloads. The podcast has over 300 episodes with high intensity training and fitness business experts.

Lawrence creates content with the top HIT entrepreneurs like Luke Carlson (Owner, Discover Strength $5,000,000+ revenue), Kyle Recchia (COO, The Perfect Workout $20,000,000+ revenue), and Patrik Meier (COO, Kieser Training $193,000,000 revenue).

Before going full-time on High Intensity Business, Lawrence has 10 years experience in complex B2B technology sales, generating over $10,000,000 in contract revenue.

Lawrence Neal and Dr Doug McGuff

Dr Doug McGuff and Lawrence Neal at the 2018 Resistance Exercise Conference

Price: $199 USD

Luke and Lawrence have helped many people grow their personal training business:

Owen Dockham

"In 2015 I was driving for Lyft and Uber, doing odd jobs for extra cash, and teaching group fitness classes on the side. Fast forward 5 years, we now have a multiple 6-figure HIT facility with a steady stream of great referrals. I would not have accomplished this without help from High Intensity Business. l have implemented dozens of effective systems and tactics that I learned directly from Luke and Lawrence. If you want a cheat sheet and road map for guaranteed success building a brand and profitable HIT facility, you need to sign up for this course."

Owen Dockham, Owner, Live Oak Strength

John Zarbock

"Lawrence and Luke are incredible. Their content is the best continuing education money I spend hands down and they genuinely care about my growth and success. Their programs are so worth it!"

John Zarbock, Owner, BioFit

Price: $199 USD