Access to proven systems and expert coaching is the key to building a profitable and recession proof high intensity training business and it's only accessible through HIT Business Intensive

Here's what some clients have to say:

Wayne Thacker

"Lawrence has helped connect me to the best people in this business. Having Lawrence's private resources is so valuable and I look forward to working with Lawrence for years to come. My journey is just beginning. Lawrence, thank you for everything, you don't even know what you've done for me!"

Wayne Thacker, Owner, Quick Fit Indiana

Bryce Lee

"Thanks to the knowledge Lawrence has assembled, I started my studio and I'm so glad I did! Things are happening fast, and I continue to rely on Lawrence's work to grow and sustain my business. When a peer is ready to start their own business, I send them to Lawrence's work without hesitation. My own business wouldn't be what it is without him!"

Bryce Lee, Owner, StrengthSpace

John Zarbock

"Lawrence and the HIT Business Membership are incredible. I learn so much from the blogs posts, podcasts, and recommended reading sources. It is the best continuing education money I spend hands down. Lawrence is always quick to respond to my questions and comments and he genuinely cares about my growth and success. It is so great to have someone in the HIT community that brings us all together. His programs are so worth it!"  

John Zarbock, Owner, FREEDOM FITNESS

Owen Dockham

"In just 10 months after opening, my business partner and I are consistently grossing over $20,000 a month from one location, and continuing to grow each week."  

Owen Dockham, CEO, Live Oak Strength and Co-Founder, EverStrongSF

What is HIT Business Intensive?

HIT Business Intensive is a high performance 1-on-1 consulting service to help you grow your HIT Business faster.  

With proven business system blueprints and my marketing expertise, I can help you drive high quality leads, increase referrals and retention, and quickly generate you more profit for your studio and virtual services.

Lawrence Neal

HIT Business Intensive is now available by application

Please read before applying:

  • The service is $699 USD per month. You can cancel at anytime.
  • You should be the business owner.
  • You already make at least $100k per year.
  • You will get custom 1:1 consulting
  • There is a Skype / Telephone application process with Lawrence.
  • Your business must follow an evidence-based personal training approach, and ideally follow high intensity strength training principles.
  • You must be open-minded, action-orientated and coachable.

How can I join?


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