Wagamama London – How to dine out and stay lean

Wagamama has really taken off in Europe and more recently has launched restaurants in the US and Middle East. Wagamama London is a popular evening eatery for many a corporate lady and gentleman.

Now this was a tricky one. I spent a lot of time reviewing the Wagamama menu to find a truly healthy dish. Most of the dishes include a type of noodle, rice, or chicken in breadcrumbs. You want to avoid these foods if you’re trying to lose weight, stay lean, and get healthy. Why is rice bad?

I thought it was quite funny that the Wagamama website has a food filter, and if you filter “cereal”, no food is displayed at all….

No wonder there is an obesity epidemic.

The healthiest meal I can find is the Mandarin & Sesame Chicken Salad AKA the “mature child” (Wagamama means “naughty child” – fitting isn’t it?)

It consists of marinated chicken with mixed leaves, mandarin, coriander, red and spring onions, mangetout and cashew nuts with a sesame, mandarin, thai basil, mint dressing, and garnished with sesame seeds.

If your goal is to lose weight, gain lean muscle, or just improve your health, this is your go-to dish at Wagamama London. I can’t remember the price, but Wagamama is quite reasonable so I expect it’ll be quite low.

If this dish doesn’t quite fill your appetite, I suggest you consider the Wagamama sides of wok-fried greens, edamame, or goma wakame salad.

Also, don’t make the mistake in thinking that calories are everything. Whilst monitoring caloric intake is important if you’re losing weight, eating more calories in the way of natural, and nutritous food, is better than eating fewer calories in refined carbohydrates like noodles, rice, pastry, and breadcrumbs (the staple of the Wagamama London menu).

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Make eating out your bitch, take the higher road, and eat healthy more often.

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