Nando’s menu – the healthy choice

Do you ever find yourself 3 days into a new diet, and you’re doing really well, and then you remember you’ve arranged dinner with your colleague/friend tomorrow evening that is likely to lead to some unhealthy eating?

You could take this evening off as a “cheat meal” or you could take the higher road and master the art of eating healthy when you’re eating out. This way you don’t look like a bore by not eating out, and you stay on course to achieving your health goals.

Some of my friends and colleagues really enjoy Nando’s, so I find myself eating there now and again. Here’s a healthy meal plan from the Nando’s Menu, I call it, the Nando’s Paleo Express:

– 1/2 Chicken breast (It’s up to you what chicken you have but avoid breadcrumbs or copious amounts of toppings)

– Mixed leaf salad (regular)

– Corn on the cob (regular)

– Sweet Potato Mash (Fino Side)

– Free Mineral Water (Score!)

This will provide for quite a large meal and will cost £10.90 (correct as of 15/12/13). If you’re in the US, this meal plan is still available albeit under slightly more creative labels e.g. Flame-grilled Corn on the Cob.

Depending on your appetite, feel free to reduce this to 3 or even 2 dishes. There are also a range of salads to choose from which are less expensive, healthy, and might be ideal for lunch e.g. Avocado and Green Bean Salad, Mediterranean Salad, and Mixed Leaf Salad.

Careful not too indulge too much in the popular Nando’s spicy toppings and sauces. God knows what goes into these concoctions but I imagine it’s not too good for you. Feel free to dress your salad with the Olive Oil.

Stay tuned for more healthy choices when dining out.

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