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12 – Discover Strength CEO, Luke Carlson on How to Build a Successful HIT Business, Forced Reps vs Unassisted MMF and Minimalist Marathon Training

Luke Carlson

As this podcast has grown in popularity, I have learnt that many of you are personal trainers who are both passionate about evidence-based exercise and growing your business. This interview is for you. Luke Carlson is CEO and Founder of Discover Strength, a successful evidence-based training organisation in the US. He is a practitioner, speaker, and author …

How Strength Training Can Eliminate Back Pain

How Strength Training Can Eliminate Back Pain

The absence of appropriate exercise and hours sitting at desks has resulted in a global back pain epidemic. 99% of the time the solution is not drugs or numerous visits to medical professionals, in fact it’s much simpler than that. ENTER CHRIS ALLEN Up to 80% of people have experienced back pain sometime during their …