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Build a Website that Generates Clients

Is your website just a digital brochure or does it actually drive new business?

Hannah Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Discover Strength, will give you an exact plan and website do's and don'ts to generate new clients.

Turn your website into your best sales "person" with this 40-minute Video Course and Marketing Plan, Website Wireframe and Content Strategy PDF.

Build a Website that Generates Clients

Why Hannah?

Hannah Johnson is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Discover Strength, a fast growing personal training business based in Minneapolis with seven studios in Minnesota. Their personal training facilities are among the highest volume and revenue training facilities in the world. They provide 30-minute personal training sessions using an evidence-based high intensity strength training approach.

Year over year,  these small studios (<2,000 square feet) generate over $1MM in revenue per studio.

Now Hannah is teaching you how to generate new clients on auto-pilot with your website using 9 simple steps.

What You'll Learn In This Course

Total Running Time 41 minutes

  • How to identify your ideal client and attract hundreds of the same.
  • How to write a powerful service description, which resonates with your ideal client.
  • How to address their needs and problems directly to build empathy and drive conversions.
  • How to help your clients take action by positioning your brand as an empathetic and trustworthy guide.
  • How to design a simple plan to drive sign ups and give clients confidence in a long term commitment.
  • How to position and display your service booking buttons for maximum conversions and set up a free giveaway to capture emails and start building your list.
  • How to excite your clients with the vision of their future success.
  • How to drive your clients to take action by highlighting the consequences of inaction.
  • How to describe their transformation with you to make it impossible for them to say no to your offer.

Includes Marketing Plan, Website Wireframe Blueprint, and Content Framework PDF

Build a website that generates clients
Build a website to generate clients
Build a website to generate clients

Price: $39 USD


About Hannah Johnson

Hannah Johnson is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Discover Strength, one of the fast growing personal training businesses in the US with seven studios and counting.

Every year, Discover Strength's small studios (<2,000 sq ft) generate over $1MM in revenue per studio.

Hannah Johnson

About Lawrence Neal

Lawrence Neal is the Founder of High Intensity Business and Co-Founder of Optima Strength, a personal training business in Galway, Ireland.

During the past six years, Lawrence has helped many high intensity training entrepreneurs start and build successful HIT businesses. Right now, he has 60+ clients within the HIT Business Membership community including many top names you probably know like Dr Doug McGuff, Adam Zickerman, and Skyler Tanner.

Lawrence Neal

Lawrence hosts the #1 HIT podcast High Intensity Business (formerly Corporate Warrior) with 10-15,000 monthly downloads. The podcast has over 300 episodes with high intensity training and fitness business experts.

Lawrence creates content with the top HIT entrepreneurs like Luke Carlson (Owner, Discover Strength $5,000,000+ revenue), Kyle Recchia (COO, The Perfect Workout $20,000,000+ revenue), and Patrik Meier (COO, Kieser Training $193,000,000 revenue).

Before going full-time on High Intensity Business, Lawrence has 10 years experience in complex B2B technology sales, generating over $10,000,000 in contract revenue.

Lawrence Neal and Dr Doug McGuff

Dr Doug McGuff and Lawrence Neal at the 2018 Resistance Exercise Conference

Price: $39 USD