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Proven Coaching and Systems are the Key to Growing your HIT Business

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Kirei Yasunori - Evolved Strength

"Thanks to Lawrence, my team achieves revenue goals while I walk on the beach and eat tacos. Darn systems! 💃🏽🏖️"

Kirei Yasunori, Owner, Evolved Strength

Billy Fletcher

"I was struggling to grow our business, which left me feeling frustrated and stuck, like I was fighting an uphill battle. Lawrence has helped me work smarter, set goals, and held me accountable, without making me feel overwhelmed. In just two years, we've more than doubled our business, from 41 to 92 clients. Lawrence has helped me move from survival mode to a point where I feel like I have more freedom."

Billy Fletcher, Alliance Champions

Bob Tomb

"You have been fantastic! It definitely has been worth the investment."

Bob Tomb, Owner, Simply Strong Studio

John Zarbock

"Lawrence is incredible. His programs are the best continuing education money I spend hands down. Lawrence is always quick to respond to my questions and comments and he genuinely cares about my growth and success. It is so great to have someone in the HIT community that brings us all together. His programs are so worth it!"  

John Zarbock, Owner, FREEDOM FITNESS

Matt Nairn

"Working with Lawrence has helped me shift gears in my business, become more focused and given me clarity on what goals to achieve and how. I would not hesitate to recommend Lawrence as a coach, his knowledge will be a huge benefit to your business."  

Matt Nairn, Owner, Mint Fitness

What is HIT Business Intensive?

HIT Business Intensive is a 1-on-1 coaching service with Lawrence Neal to help you grow your HIT business fast.

With his proven business systems and expertise, Lawrence can help you drive leads, increase referrals and retention, and quickly generate you more profit in your HIT business.

Lawrence uses an effective coaching method to keep you focused on One Thing each week to grow your business and eliminate overwhelm.

You and Lawrence will connect on a call for 30-minutes every week to keep you focused and accountable.

In between calls, Lawrence will literally build your systems to guarantee growth, including:

  • Website copy
  • Sales process
  • Email marketing process
  • Hiring and trainer retention process
  • Onboarding process
  • Retention process
  • and much, much more!
Lawrence Neal

Why Should You Work With Lawrence?

Lawrence Neal with ARX

Over the past ten years, Lawrence has helped grow 100s of HIT businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Every single week he collaborates with the top HIT business owners and operators to get the inside scoop on what works.

He has the proven principles, systems and tactics you need to grow your business.

He will literally build your systems for you.

Lawrence co-founded Ireland based HIT business, Optima Strength, and acquired 76 one-on-one personal training clients.

He is uniquely qualified to help you.

Lawrence serves a range of HIT business clients:

MED Fitness
Evolved Strength Training Studios
Max Strength Fitness
Live Oak Strength
Smart Strength Austin
The Perfect Workout
Optimization Training Lab
Ultimate Exercise
MedX Precision Fitness
Pure Physique

HIT Business Intensive is now available by application

Please read before applying:

  • The service is $1,000 USD per month. Month-to-month. You can cancel at anytime.
  • You should be the business owner.
  • You will get custom 1:1 coaching.
  • We will talk for 30-minutes once per week via Zoom or phone.
  • There is a Zoom/phone application process with Lawrence.
  • You must be open to adopting a HIT model (the most profitable fitness business model).
  • You must be passionate, open-minded, action-orientated and coachable.

How can I join?


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