Monthly archives: July, 2018

151 – Abe Williams & Mike Pullano – How To Build A Profitable Strength Training Business With ARX

Abe Williams (left) and Mike Pullano (right)

In this episode, my guests are Abe Williams (Co-Founder of EverStrongSF) and Mike Pullano (Product and Fulfilment Manager at ARXFit). EverstrongSF is a fast-growing high-intensity strength training facility in San Francisco using ARX and MedX to provide a highly effective, efficient, and evidence-based exercise service. Everstrong SF have leveraged ARX technology to differentiate their business and …

148 – Felipe Damas PhD On The Relationship Between Muscle Damage, Muscle Soreness, and Muscle Hypertrophy

Dr Felipe Damas

Dr Felipe Damas earned his doctorate at the University of São Paulo and McMaster University. Nowadays, he’s a postdoc at the Federal University of São Carlos researching exercise physiology, specifically on muscle adaptations to resistance training, focusing on mechanisms such as muscle damage, muscle protein synthesis, satellite cells, to better understand muscle hypertrophy. Contact Felipe: Facebook …

147 – Richard Wolff – How To Price And Package High Intensity Training

Richard Wolff - MEDFitness

Richard J. Wolff, RD, LDN (@myMEDFITNESS) has dedicated his life to helping people live well. He is an entrepreneur, writer and founder of MEDFITNESS, the company that created On Demand Strength Training ™. Richard earned a degree in nutritional science from the College of Health and Human Sciences at Northern Illinois University. He completed an …