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How Strength Training Can Eliminate Back Pain

How Strength Training Can Eliminate Back Pain

The absence of appropriate exercise and hours sitting at desks has resulted in a global back pain epidemic. 99% of the time the solution is not drugs or numerous visits to medical professionals, in fact it’s much simpler than that. ENTER CHRIS ALLEN Up to 80% of people have experienced back pain sometime during their …

Ageing Gracefully Through Strength Training

Keep muscle as you age

Enter Chris Allen…… Our strength increases up to 25-30 years of age. After this, if no preventative action is taken, strength declines in both genders due to muscle atrophy (muscle tissue replaced by fibrous and fatty tissue). Body weight will increase but we have less strength to carry that weight around. “If no preventative action …

Muscle Fibre Typing: Are you Training the Right Way?

Muscle fiber

Seventy to eighty percent of how your body responds to a training stimulus is determined by your genetics. This means that your muscle fibre predominance can be accentuated and even optimised through a proper training stimulus. In short, this means if your training reflects your muscle fibre genotype you’re more likely to get the maximum …